Meeting #6 Minutes

Date: 22 Jun 2018

Start Time: 3pm AEST

Estimated End Time: 4pm AEST

Meeting location: Google Hangouts

Chair: Yun Megan Foo

Note Taker: Sophie Keen

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Yun Megan Foo

Eka Cox

Vedant Dave

Jess Stocker

Anu Ganapathy

Pragya Goswami

Sophie Keen



Approval of last meeting’s minutes



Women in Medicine

MH teaching


Textbook donation

Y4 & SoM


Bea to Eka for Paypal

1. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes

Presenter: Sophie Keen

Sophie moved a motion to approve last meeting’s minutes. Megan seconded the motion.

Those in favour: Megan, Eka, Vedant, Jess, Pragya, Anu, Sophie.

This against: 0

Those abstaining: 0

END TIME: 3.45pm

2. President’s Welcome and Update

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo


  • Anu and Megan are working on the Women in Medicine event
  • Bea to Eka for Paypal: reminder to include this in handover for next year
  • TGS was postponed to next meeting
    • Given sponsorship issues, AMSA reps cannot be reimbursed this year. This should be reconsidered by future executives.
  • Decided to support textbook donation drive
  • Y4 & SoM was discussed
  • Mental health teaching: students at Blacktown had an event/collaboration with allied health services and were wondering if WSMS could implement something similar
  • AMSA budget has allowed for the gap from Convention jackets to be subsidised


Action items:

Anu to email about Eka taking up the Lismore position (what is happening with requirements, fine etc.)

Megan is to reply to email regarding textbooks, confirming that we can help and asking how to transport them.

Jess and Pragya to make sure Rahul is okay for sports day and to get Parramatta uni parking passes.

Anu is to create a support map resource.

Pragya is to email Sophie inspiration for her mentor and mentee guides for the Y1 mentoring program.

END TIME: 3.45pm

3. Transfer of PayPal account

Presenter: Eka Cox

Bridget Andrews is currently the primarily holder of the PayPal account. Eka Cox has moved the motion to remove Bridget as the primary account holder and replace it with Eka Cox.

Yun Megan Foo seconded the motion.

Those in favour: Megan, Eka, Vedant, Jess, Pragya, Anu, Sophie.

This against: 0

Those abstaining: 0

END TIME: 3.30pm

End of Meeting


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