Meeting #5 Minutes

Date: 3 May 2018

Start Time: 7pm AEST

Estimated End Time: 7.45pm AEST

Meeting location: Google Hangouts

Chair: Yun Megan Foo

Note Taker: Sophie Keen

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Yun Megan Foo

Eka Cox

Vedant Dave

Jess Stocker

Anu Ganapathy

Pragya Goswami

Sophie Keen



Approval of last meeting’s minutes



WSMS Reports

Volunteer recognition





Debit card

Halfway Dinner and stripe



Medsoc bestfriend

Long service award



Red Party

1. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes

Presenter: Sophie Keen

Sophie moved a motion to approve last meeting’s minutes. Megan seconded the motion.

Those in favour: Megan, Eka, Vedant, Jess, Pragya, Anu, Sophie.

This against: 0

Those abstaining: 0

END TIME: 7.02pm

2. President’s Welcome and Update

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo


  • WSMS Reports
  • Volunteer recognition
    • Exec feels that we need to do more to recognise our volunteers
    • Suggestions:
      • Award presented at Medball
      • Census was that one did not need to be given every year…more so should reflect contribution to medsoc
      • Award given for 4+ years of service
      • Names were proposed, Sophie’s favourite was the “Anu Ganapathy Award for Outstanding Contribution to WSMS Well Beyond the Expectations of Any Human Ever”
        • Was not seconded by Anu*
      • Who decides the award was also discussed e.g. decided internally by Exec
      • Didn’t want it to be a popularity contest

*minor detail at best


Action items:

Exec are to chase up portfolio reports (due 13th May) and upload them to google drive/ Exec are to send theirs to Megan

END TIME: 8.40pm

3. VPe Update

Presenter: Pragya Goswami

  • Frank Green has given Pragya a quote
    • 100 is minimum order
    • Stencil set up is one-off charge of $250, bulk delivery + handling fee
    • Goal is to make a profit and sell for ~$28/each or ~$25/each for groups of 5
      • $32 is the retail price
      • Cost price for medsoc is ~$23.15
    • Student’s should put down a deposit for the cups before ordered
  • Amboss is happy to provide codes

Action items:

Exec is to decide on designs and post expressions of interest

Jess is to do the mock-up (red cup, white logo)

END TIME: 7.20pm

4. Treasurer Update

Presenter: Eka Cox


  • Halfway Dinner and Stripe
    • Stripe works like PayPal
    • They wanted to use stripe because it can be integrated into the website (main reason is for design)
    • Stripe doesn’t integrate dietary requirements into the
    • Eka is concerned about privacy issues (WSMS member’s details are being provided to an external platform)
  • Debit card
    • If the card is given to people not on account (President, IPP, Treasurer) purchases aren’t covered by Commbank. It’s not an option to add more people onto account.
    • It was considered opening a completely separate account with names on the cards. Downfalls are that these cards would have to be cancelled at the end of each year.
  • Boomgate: Eka has sent another email to students requesting a plan.


Action items:

Halfway dinner convenors are to incorporate wufoo form into their website.

Megan is to send Eka medsoc debit card information.

Eka is to contact other Medsocs to understand how their debit cards are set up (what accounts they’re linked to and who’s names are on the account).


END TIME: 8.25pm

5. VPi Update

Presenter: Vedant Dave

  • Scrubs: Charcoal Chicken scrubs were unresponsive so Vedant changed suppliers to EmbroidMe
    • 4th year has requested a refund
    • Price was raised from ~$23 to ~$46 from 2017 to 2018
  • Medsoc MVPs (yearly)
    • Past WSMSs have posted stars of the week in the lead up to elections and then the ultimate MVP at Medball
  • Long service award (when appropriate): medal à Anu

Action items:

Vedant is to continue to look at different companies for alternate options.

Vedant is to include in his profile report that future VPis should have a backup scrubs option.

Vedant is to start organising WSMS merch once scrubs come in.

Vedant and Sophie are to look into different trophy/award options/glassware (pricing options).

                  Agenda item for next meeting

Sophie is to include in her portfolio report to consider MVP slide in next year’s AGM.


END TIME: 7.55pm

6. Social Update

Presenter: Jess Stocker

  • Red Party has been organised


END TIME: 9.40pm

7. Academic Update

Presenter: Anu Ganapathy

  • All examination feedback has been submitted to the SoM

END TIME: 8.30pm

End of Meeting