Meeting #4 Minutes

Date: 16 Apr 2018

Start Time: 8.45pm AEST

Estimated End Time: 9.45pm AEST

Meeting location: Google Hangouts

Chair: Yun Megan Foo

Note Taker: Sophie Keen

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Yun Megan Foo

Eka Cox

Vedant Dave

Jess Stocker

Anu Ganapathy

Pragya Goswami

Sophie Keen



Approval of last meeting’s minutes



IFMSA Exchange program

AMC August Progress report



Funding AMSA




Amboss update

Conference Leave Policy

Publications/Internal Promotions

Fred Hollows

Y2 want to create a diabetes, obesity, metabolism group with orgsync à AG



Medcamp Boom Gate F/U



IMSPQ program

Electives night

Work the World

1. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes

Presenter: Sophie Keen

Sophie moved a motion to approve last meeting’s minutes. Megan seconded the motion.

Those in favour: Megan, Eka, Vedant, Jess, Pragya, Anu, Sophie.

This against: 0

Those abstaining: 0

END TIME: 8.45pm

2. President’s Welcome and Update

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo


  • Megan wants to speak to AMH regarding becoming more involved in the International Federation of Medical Student’s Association. It is currently implemented by UWA and UMELB
  • AMC August Progress is due July/August
  • Jack wanted to know if he can use the WSMS logo with wally poking out the side for AMSA merch
  • Funding AMSA convention has been proposed for next year instead of this year as registration has already occurred


Action items:

Tell Jack to use an alternate logo for AMSA merch

Pragya is to explain to Jack that WSMS is not currently in an appropriate financial climate to reimburse AMSA convention cost (sponsorship). This can be reassessed.


3. Treasurer Update

Presenter: Eka Cox


  • Jess/Megan proposed WSMS fronts boomgate cost and then organises for students involved to pay upfront or create a payment plan
  • Eka/Vedant want to avoid WSMS paying the boomgate upfront
  • We almost lost WTW due to poor communication.

Action items:

Eka is to talk to groups involved regarding their capacity to pay the boomgate cost upfront.

Eka is to talk to sponsorship officers to get a more thorough understanding of the events that led to changes with MIPS electives night and Work the World night.


END TIME: 9.15pm

4. VPe Update

Presenter: Pragya Goswami

  • We can get 1 month free on the unlimited package for all our students
  • 6-months for executive council
  • Jack asked if we can approach SoM regarding updating the conference leave policy written in 2013
  • Pubs and promos survey suggested pinned posts be shorter and reformatted
  • Saira is working to reformat and revitalise plexus
  • Pragya has suggested using a corkboard graphic to summarise pinned posts
  • Pragya has suggested that the role of pubs and promo officer is adjusted to be involved in this pinned post and that plexuses be made quarterly to improve readership
  • Megan has suggested that the cover picture of a fb group be the corkboard image
  • Fred Hollows wants to collaborate on something


Action items:

Start promoting AMBOSS early May à continue promoting for 4-weeks until exam

Pragya is to promote AMBOSS in pinned posts

Pragya is to forward Megan Jack’s email re: conference leave suggestions

Megan is to email the person in charge of academic timetabling outlining the exact dates of the all the conferences students want to attend in 2019

Anu is to bring conference leave up as an agenda item in the curriculum meeting

Anu is to write a guide on remediation

The plexus Saira is currently working on can be published for this month or she can choose to save this content for next month

Promotions policy is to be broadened to allow event and council members to post

Pragya is to CC Vedant in on emails with Y2 re: diabetes, obesity, endocrine proposal

END TIME: 9.35pm

5. Social Update

Presenter: Jess Stocker

  • Boomgate issue was discussed


END TIME: 9.40pm

6. Academic Update

Presenter: Anu Ganapathy

  • Shaf and Daniel wanted to be CETL but Shaf already has 2 roles within WSMS
  • Executive voted Daniel Gossayn as CETL representative
  • Perks of not being a wallflower event has been postponed to Monday 13/8/18
  • IMSPQ program: 4 students in 4th year were selected to go to Malaysia but aren’t able to
  • Electives night and Work the World night are now organised and planned

Action items:

Pragya is to make a post congratulating the IMSPQ program participants and determining if they want students to go to Malaysia in their place. If they are all happy we can consider sending representatives in their place.

END TIME: 9.50pm


End of Meeting