Meeting #3 Minutes

Date: 1 Mar 2018

Start Time: 5.45pm AEST

Estimated End Time: 9.40pm AEST

Meeting location: PBL Room 8 SoM

Chair: Yun Megan Foo

Note Taker: Sophie Keen

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Yun Megan Foo

Eka Cox

Vedant Dave

Jess Stocker

Anu Ganapathy

Pragya Goswami

Sophie Keen



Approval of last meeting’s minutes


SurgSoc/SIG sponsorship debrief and update

Bringing back LDS

Random general updates on stuff


Budget update

Sponsorship update

Medsoc debit card


SIG calendar

SIG trivia night


Jack AMSA proposal

FCM textbook deal/other MBS



Medcamp update

International Women’s Day event


Wallpaper event

Mentoring program

Academic Update Curriculum Meeting

Women in Medicine suggestions



AGM update

-        Pass minutes from last AGM?

-        2017 slides?

-        Catering needs to be increased

Prof Hanney email

1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Presenter: Sophie Keen

Sophie moved a motion to approve last meeting’s minutes. Vedant seconded the motion.

Those in favour: Megan, Eka, Vedant, Jess, Pragya, Anu, Sophie.

This against: 0

Those abstaining: 0

END TIME: 8.30pm

2. President’s Welcome and Update

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo


  • SIGs cannot use WSMS money to fund events that are not just for medical students, however they can acquire external non-conflicting sponsors.
  • WSSS is currently using WSMS bank account to hold their own privately acquired sponsorship money.
  • If individual students want to run a SIG-related event, they are to approach a SIG concerning using their money (if appropriate) or acquire their own sponsorship independently, as long as it does not conflict with WSMS sponsors. SIGs are not obliged to give money to new events.
  • Leadership Development Seminar was proposed as a half-day event that includes a Full-Council Meeting combined by practical skills workshops.
  • Megan has talked to SoM to get numerical key pad entry to MedSoc storeroom.
  • WSMS debit card has been agreed upon.
  • MIC has a traffic-light system for complaints, however this is not well publicised.


Action items:

Vedant and Jess to write up a policy concerning use of SIG money and new non-conflicting sponsors.

Megan is to follow-up on pharmaceutical company sponsorship.

Megan or Anu send through previous LDS stations.

Sophie to clarify whether Indigenous wanted to be under VPe or Academic.

Eka to look at WSU ‘University Card Policy’, including their recommendations and guidelines, when helping to formulate a policy.

Women in Leadership is to be placed under the Academic Portfolio and run in the second half of the year, perhaps after barriers.

END TIME: 6.10pm

3. Treasurer Update

Presenter: Eka Cox


  • Eka has not changed budget from Ben’s.
  • Proposal to give Alumni Foundation funding was considered.
  • Invoices have been sent out to sponsors.
  • Travel Grant Scheme has 2 divisions.
    • Division 1 to max of $5700 p.a. reimbursement.
    • Division 2 to max of $1900 p.a. reimbursement.
    • 5 applications have been received.
  • Inclusion of NLDS in TGS Division 2 was discussed.
  • As the current policy stands, NLDS attendees cannot be reimbursed for registration costs as they have already been reimbursed for travel costs from AMSA.


Action items:

Eka is to write proposed amendments for the constitution regarding the WSMS debit card.

Megan is to speak to SoM regarding funding for Alumni Foundation and Eka is to relay this to Alumni Foundation.

Eka is to confirm with 2017 NLDS attendees as to whether they got NLDS travel reimbursement.

Eka is to look into Kush’s reimbursement from Medcamp 2017.

Eka is to reimburse Charmaine for Medcamp 2017.


END TIME: 9.22pm

4. VPi Update

Presenter: Vedant Dave

  • SIG and AG calendar has been finalised.
  • Building 30 Hub BBQ has been shut down and power-points have been disconnected.


Action items:

Vedant is to message Sophie regarding changes to PhysSoc calendar.

Sophie is to upload SIG calendar to website.

Vedant is the talk with SIGs regarding trivia night to find a new date that does not conflict with GHAWS events.

Megan is to talk to SoM regarding reconnecting power points in Building 30 Hub.

Jess is to talk to Shaf regarding Twilight alternatives.

Eka is to speak to Ben or Sheree regarding Kush’s spending for 2017 Medcamp.


END TIME: 6.55pm

5. VPe Update

Presenter: Pragya Goswami

  • Pragya has suggested AG calendar changes to prevent event conflict/fatigue.
  • Proposal to fund AMSA Representative’s ticket to AMSA Convention was discussed.
    • In 2015 funding was removed for AMSA rep’s ticket because it is a volunteer role.
    • Jack is requesting $1000 to cover his registration and accommodation for AMSA reps.
  • $500 would be removed from the AMSA budget.
  • 50% of baseline AMSA registration (not including additional packages, including but not limited to: drinks packages, T-shirts, AMSA patches, mystery items) is proposed to be subsidised, to the limit of $500.
  • Concerns over creating a precedent regarding GHC Representative role.
  • Pragya has organised a discount for Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry for Y4. Pragya is in direct contact with a rep from Melbourne University Publications.
  • Pragya has organised a free-trial for AMBOSS.
  • Wellbeing Website has been set up.

Action items:

Eka is to remove $500 from the AMSA budget.

Eka is the clarify why the AMSA budget was overspent in 2017 (by $709) à AMSA charges $660 for membership.

                  Eka is to ask Roger whether this is a new initiative.

Pragya is to explain to Jack that WSMS is considering his proposal.

Sophie is to look at last year’s minutes regarding Jess’ similar proposal and why exec rejected it.

Sophie is to talk to Artie concerning why exec decided to stop subsiding the AMSA rep’s convention registration.

Pragya is to ask Sarah for an extracted Excel of who has ordered Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry before placing an order with Derek.

Someone is to advertise AMBOSS to year groups.

END TIME: 7.30pm

6. Social Update

Presenter: Jess Stocker

  • $1945 is budgeted for 1200 standard drinks as of 1 Mar.
    • $920 was budgeted for drinks in 2015.
    • Aim is 5 drinks.
  • Estimated Y3-Y5 ticket sales for Saturday night has been overestimated (90 instead of 30). Jess is in contact with Sheree about amending this.
  • International Women’s Day event has been proposed in which people wear purple. This is targeted at clinical years.


Action items:

Jess to upload obstacle course video to Mac Tav drinks.

Jess to plan a Y2 brief to discuss what is expected of the leader role. WSMS is stressing the importance of no drugs, no drink driving, making Friday night more relaxed and putting the Y1 experience first.

Eka is to ask Sheree about budget for Medcamp drinks.

Eka is the confirm with Swathi that sponsors are to arrive at Medcamp Saturday 10 Mar at 7.30am, for an 8am tradeshow.

Eka is the contact Swathi regarding the absence of sponsorship items for Medcamp.

Eka is the contact Swathi to clarify the exact number of sponsors coming to the Medcamp tradeshow.

Jess needs to explain to the Medcamp leaders that students need to be there at 8am.

Jess is to confirm Medcamp query.

Jess is to advertise that breakfast ends at 7.30-7.45 to move first years to tradeshow by 7.55.

Jess is to clarify SIG process.

Jess is to contact Tom regarding limiting drink budget to $1000.

Jess is to contact Jack and Sheree about $20 per group budget Jack communicated to Y2 leaders (this is not reimbursed by WSMS)

Jess is to tell Sheree that she has underestimated water for Saturday night

Jess is to tell Zahraa is to contact Saira if she wants help with publishing. She may be a co-host with WSMS or host it herself. Zahraa is to contact Jess regarding advertising through pinned posts.

Exec is to buy drinks for Saturday night.

END TIME: 8.15pm

7. Academic Update

Presenter: Anu Ganapathy

  • Anu is writing with O&G reps and PhysSoc.
  • Anu has contacted doctors to run ultrasound and CT training workshops.
  • Anu has written all mOSCEs except for Y5.
  • Daniel and Shaf have made proposed changes to the mentoring program.

Action items:

Anu is to work with Saira, writing a post for Plexus and pdf for event à to be distributed to Y1 and Y2 leaders

                  No harassment

                  No drugs

                  No drink driving

                  Pathways for support

                  Contact details

Anu is to propose changes to Wellbeing Days regarding remediation days.

Anu is to double-check with speakers for Project Happiness.

Anu is to organise sponsorship for Project Happiness.

Anu is to look as Prospectus to know what’s being sold for Electives Night.

Anu is to send Sophie an Academic Update.

Anu is to message Sponsorship regarding Electives Night, Work the World and calendars.



8. Secretary Update

Presenter: Sophie Keen


Action items:

Sophie to start organising AGM slide based on 2016 ones.

Sophie is to book room for AGM.

5pm for Full Council (PBL rooms)

6pm for AGM (small lecture theatre) ~50 people

END TIME: 9.35pm

End of Meeting