Meeting #2 [minutes]

Date: 1 Feb 2018

Start Time: 5.45pm AEST

Estimated End Time: 9.15pm AEST

Meeting location: PBL Room 8 SoM

Chair: Yun Megan Foo

Note Taker: Sophie Keen

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Yun Megan Foo

Eka Cox

Vedant Dave

Pragya Goswami

Jess Stocker

Anu Ganapathy

Sophie Keen

Guest: Sheree Nguyen-Hoang



Approval of last meeting’s minutes


Guests (Sheree)

Medcamp 2018 Report


Y3 conference week and Y4 campus learning

Reports Template

Handover Template

Student List Sustainability

Tom’s List

Clinical School Representative Job



WSMS Debit Card

Alumni Magazine and merchandise

Alex Buttfield’s ultrasound workshop


Conflict Resolution

WSMS Executive Scrubs

SIG Calendars

O-Week Tables

Twillight Bake Sale

Critical Care Society

Alumni Merchandise

New Events Template


AG Calendars

Medcamp AG

Wellbeing Webpage

AMSA Representative


Presenter: Sophie Keen

Sophie moved a motion to approve last meeting’s minutes. Megan seconded the motion.

Those in favour: Megan, Eka, Vedant, Pragya, Jess, Sophie

This against: 0

Those abstaining: 0



Presenter: Sheree Nguyen-Hoang

  • Cataract Scout Park has been booked for 9th-11th March.
  • Sponsorship tradeshow was organised for Saturday morning.

Action items:

Choose theme and design T-shirts.

Advertise and distribute tickets.

Create a Medcamp video.

Organise how to sell tickets at O-Week and consider a PayPass machine.

Finalise Medcamp leaders.

Divide welfare volunteers into people monitoring drinks, door, tickets, roaming and welfare station.

Jess is to message year reps regarding welfare volunteers.

Eka is to remind Sponsorship Representatives to secure prizes from sponsors.

Vedant is to organise SIGs involvement in Medcamp.

Sheree and Jack are to post on Y2 Facebook group explaining the leader’s role, including cost and welfare obligations.

Sheree and Jack are to estimate total cost (accommodation, T-shirts, drinks, buses) and divide ticket prices accordingly.

Megan is to make a Medcamp folder in WSMS Google Drive.

Anu is to ask about water and soft drink available for Medcamp.

Sheree and Jack are to ask people to bring their RSAs if they are working at the bar.

Sheree and Jack are to write a schedule for Medcamp.


END TIME: 6.35pm


Presenter: Yun Megan Foo


  • Y3 conference week miscommunication discussed to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Y4 conference week has reinforced the need to communicate with year coordinators before moving events.
  • Portfolio Report Template edited to include Welfare.

New initiatives

  • A volunteering working team for Code Green and Crossing Borders was proposed.
  • Proposal of a LBGTQI+ officer was discussed.
  • Matthew Bojanic’s equal opportunities initiative was referred to GHAWS.


Action items:

Eka and Vedant are to upload their 2017 Handover files to WSMS Resources Google Drive.

Executive Council are to consider an alternate pathway to obtaining student names and numbers from the SoM for future years.

Executive Council are to consider a Y1 Facebook group password distributed through Neoplasm.

Pragya is to research the logistics of introducing a WSMS keep-cup and communicate with Vedant.

Megan is to ask Tom to provide a dot-point proposal.

Megan and Pragya are to meet with Tom regarding his proposals.

END TIME: 7.15pm


Presenter: Eka Cox

  • Eka’s goal for 2018 is to replicate Ben’s conservative budget.
  • Catering for Alex Buttfield’s Y5 ultrasound workshop was discussed. It was reinforced that WSMS budgeting is reserved for student-lead initiatives.

WSMS debit card

  • The proposal of a WSMS debit card was discussed. This is in response to the social director being required to front large sums of money prior to events.
  • If a debit card is to be introduced, the constitution must be amended to regulate its use.

Action items:

Eka is to write proposed amendments for the constitution regarding the WSMS debit card.


END TIME: 7.40pm


Presenter: Vedant Dave


  • Critical Care Society proposed for 2019.
  • Consider using the Event Funding Model to train an EMC team/s.
  • WSMS Executive Scrubs for O-Week will be finalised in the next 2 weeks.
  • Pending approval from the Halfway Dinner team, profit made from the Twilight Bake Sale will be redistributed to the Wellbeing Committee.

Action items:

Megan is to talk to Artie about the development of PhysSoc and Alumni Committee for Critical Care Society.

Vedant is to write a Critical Care Society proposal for AGM.

Eka is to organise a call-out for a WSMS EMC team.

Vedant is to write a rubric for unprofessional behaviour and inter-student conflict to be discussed by the Executive Council. AMSA’s Underperforming Volunteers Policy should be considered. This is to be presented as a policy at AGM.

Vedant is to order WSMS Executive Scrubs.

Vedant is to add SIG calendars to the main WSMS calendar.

Vedant is to encourage SurgSoc to continue running a careers night.

Vedant is to contact SIGs regarding funding for every event.

Vedant is to contact every SIG regarding tables for O-Week.

Jess is to order tables for O-Week.

Vedant is to send Sophie a list of people who aren’t on slack.

Megan, Eka and Jess are to write a New Events Policy regarding the use of SIG money. This policy is to have a 1-month application deadline.

Jess is to contact Halfway Dinner team regarding the proposed redistribution of the Twilight bake-sale profit.


END TIME: 8.47pm


Presenter: Pragya Goswami

  • AGs are encouraged to maximise first year exposure through O-Week.
  • AGs are encouraged to avoid scheduling their elections at times that conflict with that of WSMS.

Action Items

Pragya is to send Sophie a list of people who aren’t on slack.

Pragya is to organise the Wellbeing Webpage.

Pragya is to organise a meeting for preclinical student to mentor high-school students on a quarterly basis.

Pragya is to finish organising calendars.

Sophie is to amend the AMSA representative role from being required to attend every second Executive Council meeting to Executive Council meetings of the representative’s choosing.


END TIME: 8.50pm