Date: 15th Jan 2018

Start Time: 7pm AEST

Estimated End Time: 9pm AEST

Meeting location: Google Hangouts

Chair: Yun Megan Foo

Note Taker: Sophie Keen

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Yun Megan Foo

Vedant Dave

Pragya Goswami

Jess Stocker

Anu Ganapathy

Sophie Keen

Eka Cox



  1.  Organise 2018 WSMS calendar

1. 2018 WSMS calendar

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo, Vedant Dave, Pragya Goswami, Jess Stocker, Anu Ganapathy

  • Executive meetings were scheduled for the 1st Thursday of every month in Campbelltown.
  • Executive introductions for each year group were discussed.
  • AGM was moved to 19/3/18 (Monday).
  • Community Engagement events were discussed.


  • Electives Night was planned for 17/4/18 (Tuesday).
  • Y3 mOSCES was proposed for the week after Medrevue.


  • Y2 Welcome Back Lunch was proposed for the 19/2/18 (Monday).
  • Scrubs Crawl and Halfway dinner were moved back to accommodate AMSA National Convention.


  • GHAWS Gala was planned for 26/3/18 (Monday).
  • Suturing Night was planned for 20-21/3/18 (Tuesday, Wednesday).
  • Medrevue was proposed for 9-10/8/18 or the week of 20/8/18 to accommodate Sports Night and GHC.
  • Y5 Internship Workshop was proposed for Conference Week 4.
  • GAWS Auction Night and Bake Sale dates were discussed.

New initiatives

  • Quarterly portfolio reports were agreed upon for the Executive Council and biannual reports for SIGs. Social teams, under the direction of Jess, will also be required to write a report on their respective events.
  • The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower academic night was planned for 14/3/18 (Wednesday).


  • Reinforced that AGs do not attend Medcamp, but can have a stall at O-Week.
  • Wellbeing (and WSU Knitting Club) to have a stall at O-Week.
  • O-Week competitions, giveaways and the scavenger hunt were discussed, as well as the Friday night at Macarthur Tavern.


Action items:

Megan is to email the introduction slides to Executive Council.

Megan and Jess are to establish a policy for people creating new events (particularly regarding sponsorship) for presentation at the next Executive Council meeting.

Megan and Anu are to create a template for quarterly portfolio reports to improve continued institutional knowledge.

Megan and Anu are to create a more structured handover template.

Vedant is to email the 2018 WSMS calendar to SIGs, before sending a finalised version to Pragya.

Vedant is to email Jess the O-Week scavenger hunt list.

Vedant is to organize embroidered Executive scrubs for O-Week.

Pragya is to contact Sarah (IT) regarding access to WSMS Gmail accounts.

Jess is to call SoM to ask if they can move some SoM O-Week events to the Wednesday.

Jess is to call security at Macarthur Square to notify them of the Y1 O-Week scavenger hunt.

Jess is to contact Shaf regarding the dates of PAWS events.

Jess is to contact Campus Life regarding tables for O-Week.

Jess is to contact Macarthur Tavern regarding welcome back drinks.

Jess is to let Anu know how many cans are needed for O-Week.

Jess is to confirm the Neoplasm deadline with SoM.

Jess is to confirm the timing of Blue Week and whether it clashes with Electives Night.

Jess is to chase up the date of Twilight.

Jess is to contact Daniel and Mitch about booking a venue for Medrevue.

Jess is to plan a lunch for Y5 conference week.

Jess is to decide on a date for Scrubs Crawl (Friday or Saturday).

Jess is to decide on date for Medball (Friday or Saturday), likely depending on venue availability.

Anu is to email SoM about the date of Y1 mid-semester exam.

Anu is to decide on a date for Gen Surg Exam Prep.

Anu is to move Y3 mOSCEs around Medrevue.

Anu is to post on the Y5 Facebook group to increase enthusiasm for Gradweek.

Anu is to check with Chris regarding Grad Book.

Anu is to add Y4 mOSCEs to the calendar when possible.

Anu is to email SoM to find out where Y5 are on the day of the Y4 lunch for Jess.

Sophie is to email Y2 coordinator requesting a time for Y2 welcome back BBQ.

Sophie is to add calendar dates to the online WSMS calendar.


END TIME: 9.05pm