meeting #6 [minutes]

Date: 5th May 2016

Start Time: 8.00pm

Estimated End Time: 9.30pm

Meeting location: Google Hangouts

Chair: Lana Nguyen

Note Taker: Yun Megan Foo

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Lana Nguyen

Vaish Mahen

Yun Megan Foo

Will Harrison

Bea Andrew

Christine Byrnes

Anu Ganapathy


  • Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes - Megan
  • President’s Report - Lana
  • Approval of TGS - Bea
  • Mega-Forum - Christine
  • Social Report - Will

1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo

motion moved: Approve PREVIOUS FULL COUNCIL MEETING minutes

  • Megan moves a motion to approve the last exec meeting’s minutes
  • Seconded by Will
  • Votes for: 6
  • Votes against: 0
  • Number abstaining: 0

END TIME: 8.10pm

2. president’s Report

Presenter: Lana Nguyen

  • Full Council Meeting
    • Lana proposes a Leadership Development Seminar as part of the full council meeting
    • 20th June
  • Improve Communications
    • Promote Plexus and website
      • Work with Albert and Zahraa to further do this
      • Slack internal usage to increase
  • Deliver Tutorials
    • Increase tutorials

Action Item: Megan to callout Full Council Meeting

Action Item: Vaish to further promote plexus and website (e.g. Vaish to post Blue Week)

Action Item: Megan to promote Slack internal usage

Action Item: Christine to work with Nivetha and Ben to increase tutorials, Follow up JMO tutorials


END TIME: 8.25pm

3. TGS Approval

Presenter: Bea Andrew

  • $2000 to divide between 8 applicants
    • $500 for presenting
      • 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
      • $250 for observing
        • 7, 8
        • De-identified and reviewed by WSMS Exec

Action Item: Bea to request students to write articles about their experiences.

Action Item: All executive to inform their portfolio that budget is in the google drive, and to refer to it.

Action item: Megan to email full council

-        Council meeting/training day

-        Link to google drive to add to google drive

-        Advertise that budget will be uploaded

END TIME: 8.45pm

4. Student-SOM Mega Forum

Presenter: Christine Byrnes

  • SoM considering hosting a SoM-Student Mega Forum to directly discuss any questions that people may have
    • Issue is that that will be is low student turnout and we already have given student feedback via the AMC Report
    • We would like to have a response in writing to the what was raised in the AMC Report
  • Sponsorship has been in contact with Unofficial Guide to Medicine
    • Representative wants to come to our university
    • 23rd June presentation to general student body
    • 25th of June meeting with executive

Action Item: Bea and Christine to discuss with Sponsorship re: Unofficial Guide to Medicine

END TIME: 9.00pm

5. Social Report

Presenter: Will Harrison

  • Twillight went well
  • Blue Week Update
    • Blue Week ticket sales are impacted by our Paypal so for future events we need to be more prepared
      • Early bird sales close on Friday
      • Activity Overview
  • Halfway Dinner
    • 24th June in Riverwood
    • Everything is going well
    • Tickets likely to be $95
    • $150 profit on BBQ
  • Medrevue
    • 2-3rd September potential date (might move 1 week earlier or later)
    • Venue not confirmed
  • Convenor Access to WSMS
    • No Access, but useful information

Action Item: Will to discuss budget with Blue Week Convenor, as well as Twillight Convenors for light discount

Action Item: Will to discuss how the scavenger hunt selfies will work (potentially hashtags) with Blue Week Convenor

Action Item: Will to follow up on Gradball, refer them Halfway Dinner organisers if contacts are needed

END TIME: 9.30

end of meeting