meeting #5 [minutes]

Date: 14 April 2016

Start Time: 5.30PM

Estimated End Time:

Meeting location: School of Medicine / Google Hangouts

Chair: Anu Ganapathy

Note Taker: Yun Megan Foo

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Anu Ganapathy

Lana Nguyen

Yun Megan Foo

Christine Byrnes

Will Harrison

Vaish Mahen


-        Vedant Dave

-        Zahraa Ahadzada

-        Tom Hart

-        Liam Bell

Bea Andrew


  • VPi Updates
  • GHAWS Update
  • Twilight Update
  • Social Update
  • VPe Update
  • President Update
  • Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes

1. VPi Update

Presenter: Anu Ganapathy

Merchandise Update

  • Hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatpants are printing next week and will be distributed in a non fool-proof manner
  • Gifts for speakers etc. (Thermos Mugs)- Anu has searched up different price options [Action Item: to liaise with Bea in terms of which option]

SIGS- GHAWS, Alumni, SurgSoc, WSPS

  • All SIGs have written updates and have liaised with the VpI and President for feedback
  • Funding- Due to extra money due to MoU, Bea is working through the finances to see if we can allocate more funding towards the SIGs Budget
  • Communication Policy modification

-        Existing policy stands

-        If an event is new, struggling, nearly the date, SIGs may with the agreement of Year Reps, post

  • ‘Struggling’ as to be under discussion between VPe and SIGs

-        Pre-clinical years can also have introductory posts if the event has never been experienced by the cohort before

  • Alumni

-        Printing of 2015 Publication- In order to not exhaust budget, to utilize the free printing services of the School of Med

-        Sponsorship- Email and also cc: or contact them via SLACK to assist with getting more sponsors and advertising

-        Website- IT, Secretary, VpI and Almuni will liaise to update this

-        The alumni database- Alumni has the data to themselves and can be approached if anyone wants it


-        Crossing Border Rep à Will be advertise as a Working Position under the AGH Rep. Will trial this  position as a potential 2016 Council Position

Action Item

-        Separate meeting with Alumni Soc (website w/megan, sponsorship w/sponsorship officers)

-        Bea to sort out new money from MoU for budget

END TIME: 6.00pm

2. GHAWS Update

Presenter: GHAWS

Crossing Borders

-        Want to get a rep for next year because of the depth of work needed

-        Working group position under AGH Rep

-        Aim to trial this year (potential 2016 council position)

Communications Policy

-        Existing policy stands

-        If an event is new, struggling, nearly the date, SIGs may with the agreement of Year Reps, post

  • ‘Struggling’ as to be under discussion between VPe and SIGs

-        Pre-clinical years can also have introductory posts if the event has never been experienced by the cohort before

Action Item

-        Anu to liase with Liam and Shreeya for promotion of crossing borders position

-        Vaish and Anu to update with SIGs and update final Communications Policy


3. Medrevue

Presenter: Will, Vedant, Tom and Liam


-        Potential producer & director: Anqi Teng, Justine Binny, Liam Bell

Action Point

-        Organize a meeting with Will and potential Medrevue (before electives night)


4. Social Update

Presenter: Will

Blue Week

-        Update on Blue Week timetable à to chase up


-        Update from Tom and Vedant

-        Tie into PPD potentially

Action Item:

-        Will to chase Nicole for Blue Week timetable

-        Review this update 18th April

-        Sponsorship to look at potentially getting MDA on MedTalks

-        Nicole to sort out Blue Week ribbons

-        Christine to chase up PPD: Twilight, writing for Blue, potential links

END TIME: 7.00pm

5. VPe Update

Presenter: Vaish

AMSA Elective Exchange

-        Hand over to Ali

-        Potential to accept students from overseas further down the line

Vampire Cup Rep

-        Vampire cup starts the same time as convention so the workload may be too much

-        Vampire Cup help

Staff-Based student support

-        Promote

Action Item

-        AMSA Rep to overlook AMSA Elective Exchange

-        Ali and Vaish to liase for Vampire Cup help


6. President

Presenter: Will, Vedant, Tom and Liam

-        Outstanding things + Action Items

  • Will: Chasing up official blue week paperwork, grad week things, to focus advertising on clinical schools, spreading the medsoc love work with Vaish
  • Anu: Follow up clinical schools, HUGE STICKERS/PICTURES
  • Christine: SMIC, Chase up ben and nivetha, indigenous student representation
    • Electives night: Anu to get drinks, Lana to speak first
    • Drug and Alcohol Related Violence Panel: Christine to work will will, full WSMS Support
    • Megan: Send an email blast to full council (Remind slack notifications, close loop communications), complete poster of what medsoc does (TGS) printing via Anu
    • Bea: New budget, contact sponsorship (get them to blast who needs sponsorship)
    • Vaish: Friendly discussion with AGs, help Anu with WSMS presence at clinical school
      • Clinical Skills teaching: up and running in the next few weeks w/ clinical skills mentors reps running at least 2 tutes and can post in year groups; week after SIGs run one tute each; week after JMOs if possible; lana has already sent out an email; get resources uploaded



6. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes

Presenter: Megan Foo

MOTION: Minutes

Motion moved: Megan moves a motion to approve the minutes of last week’s meeting, dated 3/02/16

Seconded by: Christine Byrnes

Votes for: 6

Votes against: 0

Number abstaining: 0


end of meeting


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