meeting #n [minutes]

Date: 1 March 2016

Start Time: 6.05

Estimated End Time: 10.30

Meeting location:

Chair: Lana Nguyen

Note Taker: Yun Megan Foo

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Will Harrison

Christine Byrnes

Bea Andrew

Anu Ganupathy

Lana Nguyen


Megan Foo




-        Jan/Feb Council Elections Review


-        Full Council Terms of Reference

-        Wellbeing Policy

-        Discussion of MedTalks


-        NSWMSC debrief


-        Social Media Policy


-        O week debrief

-        Medcamp Rebrief

-        Scrubs Crawl Change

-        Blue Party Venue


-        2016 budget presentation (changes from 2015)

-        Proposal with Christine for SoM grant


-        Keys

-        Handover Documents

1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo

MOTION: Minutes

Motion moved: Megan moves a motion to approve the minutes of last week’s meeting, dated 3/02/16

Seconded by: Christine Byrnes

Votes for: 6

Votes against: 0

Number abstaining: 0

END TIME: 6.10

2. Jan/Feb ELections Review

Presenter: Lana Nguyen

-        Had difficulty recruiting and getting the word out

-        Floating the idea of merging roles

-        Release the elections all in one go (exception first year)

  • Have first full council straight after results are announced

-        Promote following members

-        Focus on delivering quality events

Action Item: Lana to follow up on Medrevue

END TIME: 6.18pm

3. Policy

Presenter: Any Ganapathy

Council Terms of Reference

-        Combining a lot of documents to create a whole policy

  • Only VPe section missing

-        Explanation of terms of reference by Lana

MOTION: Wellbeing Policy

Motion moved: Anu moves a motion to pass the Wellbeing Policy

Seconded by: Bea Andrew

Votes for: 7

Votes against: 0

Number abstaining: 0

MOTION: Election Rules

Motion moved: Lana moves a motion to pass the Election Rules

Seconded by: Megan Foo

Votes for: 7

Votes against: 0

Number abstaining: 0

Discussion of DJ Sponsorship à Clarify situation

Action Item: Christine & Will to update Council Terms of Reference

Action Item: Bea to submit Clinical Reps for Council Terms of Reference

Action Item: Anu to clarify the Sponsorship situation with the DJ

END TIME: 6.30pm

4. MedTalks

Presenter: AnU Ganapathy

-        MedTalks is currently clashing with a WSMS Event

Action Item: Anu to communicate with GHAWS regarding the clash (April 4, 11, 25th)

END TIME: 6.32pm

5. VPe Update

Presenter: VAISH MAHEN


  1. Wellbeing Wednesday
    1. Idea from a different uni to pass on to Will
    2. Taking a selfie of yourself taking something good for yourself
    3. Clinical School Scavenger hunt
    4. Social Media Policy
      1. Newcastle Uni has successfully implemented a policy similar to what we are implementing

Action Item: Lana to update MoU with student demographic

END TIME: 6.41pm

6. Social Media Policy

Presenter: All

Good Bad
-        Less spam -        Pinned post cant be seen on mobile
-        Medsoc more professional -        Difficult to enforce
-        All in one spot -        Really long post blurb, difficult to follow up
-        All information is together -        A lot, can be overpowering
-          -        People don’t understand it
-          -        Very difficult to promote stuff

-        Ask for feedback at AGM

-        Do we need to move away from facebook?

-        SIG

  • One post per event in the facebook groups
  • 2 members of each SIG in each group: president and

Action Item: Vaish to get AGs to come to full council.

Action Item: Anu to ask SIGs to come to full council.

Action item: Megan to take Family photo at Council Meeting

Action Item: Vaish to clear the Year Groups

Action Item: Vaish to update complete Communications Policy, including how to make pinned posts

END TIME: 7.03pm


7. Social Update

Presenter: Will Harrison

O- Week Debrief

-        Under budget

-        Make sure to establish communication b/w SoM and WSMS

Medcamp Rebrief

-        Make sure to ENSURE that second year leaders are responsible.

Scrubs Crawl Change

-        Will floated ideas in preparation for Scrubs Crawl

Blue Party Venue 

-        Give ideas to Will

Action Item: Lana to update MoU about updated communications b/w SoM and WSMS

Action Item: Megan to post winners from O-Week

END TIME: 6.27pm

8. Budget Update

Presenter: Bea Andrew

-        Presentation of 2016 Budget

-        SOM Grant

  • Academic and Treasurer presenting ideas on how to SoM can support WSMS in events ([articular focus on academic)

Action Item: Will to chase up electronic signatures

END TIME: 7.45pm


Presenter: Megan Foo

-        Update Key document

-        Handover documents

MOTION: Personal & Professional Development

Motion moved: Megan moves a motion to have a personal professional document filling at Council Meeting

Seconded by: Lana Nguyen

Votes for: 7

Votes against: 0

Number abstaining: 0

Action Item: Megan to sort out letter-to-self and goodie bag

END TIME: 8.00pm

end of meeting