meeting #3 [minutes]

Date: 3 Feb 2015

Start Time: 6.00pm AEST

Estimated End Time: 8.00pm AEST

Meeting location: PBL Room 7 SoM

Chair: Lana Nguyen

Note Taker: Yun Megan Foo

In Attendance Apologies/Proxies

Will Harrison

Lana Nguyen

Bea Andrew

Yun Megan Foo

Vaish Mahen

Anu Ganapathy


  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes – Yun Megan Foo, 5 minutes
  2. President’s Welcome and Update – Lana Nguyen, 45 minutes
  3. TGS Policy Update and Application Review – Bea Andrew, 45 minutes
  4. February Election – Lana Nguyen, 15 minutes
  5. O-Week Planning – Will Harrison, 15 minutes
  6. Policy – Anu Ganapathy, 30 minutes

1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Presenter: Yun Megan Foo

Motion moved: Megan moves a motion to approve the minutes of last week’s meeting, dated 11/1/16

Seconded by: Lana Nguyen

Votes for: 6

Votes against: 0

Number abstaining: 0

END TIME: 6.05

2. president’s welcome and update

Presenter: Lana Nguyen

Memorandum of Understanding

  • SoM would like WSMS to evaluate their internal procedures and systems in order to successfully have a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • This can be ensured by tightening policy, ensuring transparency, improving communication.
    • Edit the constitution to allow exec members to remove an individual from position if required.
    • Conflicts linked to Sponsorship & MoU (insurance etc.) – for example, associated groups having sponsors at events in the SoM which impacts on WSMS sponsorship.


  • Previously the SoM has given monetary support to WSMS but may no longer continue – need to

Action Item:

  1. Bea and Christine to create a proposal outlining our expenditure to present to SoM.
  2. Lana to update the Memorandum of Understanding with Professor Hennessey.
  3. Megan and Lana to update election rules document for more specific criteria.
  4. Lana and Vaish to conduct a meeting with associated group to explain access to member base, sponsorship and general running.
    1. Lana to contact SoM not to accept events from associated group

END TIME: 6.45pm

3. Budget (Travel Grants Scheme)

Presenter: Bea Andrew

  • $7500 for Travel Grants à $6000
    • Division 1: Health-related academic events
    • Division 2: Health-related non-academic events, role-relevant compensation
  • Recommended Policy Change to TGS for greater accountability
    • Only eligible if receipts provided via Western Sydney email.
    • Small independent educational events are not.
    • Presentation at an event gets higher priority for reimbursement, and potential greater monetary value.
    • Successful applicants are contacted via phone to ensure validity of applicants.
    • Quorum required for approval of each application.
    • Application requirements:
      • WSMS Application form
      • Conference Brochure
      • Receipts with proper details
        • No invoices
        • Travel Itinerary

Action Item:

  • Bea to update TGS policy to present at next executive meeting.
  • Bea to draft 2016 Budget for presentation at next executive meeting.
  • Bea to format 2015 Budget for presentation.

END TIME: 7.15pm

4. February Elections

Presenter: Lana Nguyen & Yun Megan Foo

  • January Elections have completed
  • Online elections for the Year Rep positions; Other open positions to be de-identified application only
  • Indigenous Rep Application
    • Votes will be filtered according to relevance
  • All officers should create handover documents to be uploaded on
  • Feb timeline: Close of nominations 16, Voting closes 23, Announcement on 24.
  • March 14 is AGM
  • Exec Meeting 1 March, Council Meeting 3 March
  • Every position to include personal growth and understanding forms

Action Item:

  • Lana to create document for Year Rep election
  • Vaish to tell RHUUWS, Anu to tell GPSN about filling rural and SOM Medical Education committees
  • Lana, Anu and Megan to create a Council policy in two weeks.
  • Lana to make first Full Council Meeting fun

END TIME: 7.50pm

5. Policy

Presenter: Anu Ganapathy

Social Media – delayed to next meeting

Action Item:

  • Lana to Anu ASK LANA
  • Bea to make a shared excel sheet for SIGs to monitor spending
  • All exec with vested interest in Social media to present idea for policy in less than a minute

end of meeting