Membership of WSMS is free and universal!  This means that if you are enrolled in the Western Sydney MBBS course, then you are automatically one of our members.  This also applies to students enrolled in the combined medical degrees.

Many other student societies, including other MedSocs around the country, charge their students a fee to join.  Here at WSMS, we feel that membership should be free and open to all med students.  A few reasons for this are: 


  • WSMS is the peak representative body for MBBS students at Western Sydney. All student representation on academic boards is organised through UWSMS, so it doesn’t make sense to have students who aren’t members
  • Annual membership drives are difficult to coordinate and as a result, membership rates may vary from year to year, complicating the maintenance of accurate databases and communication.
  • Being able to name all Western Sydney medical students as our members to sponsors and other affiliates, we will generate more revenue and support than if a portion of students were not paying members.  This would outweigh the relatively insignificant revenue we could potentially raise from a membership fee.

We are run by our members, for our members, so what we do is work continually to give you the best experience we can provide. Because we represent all students, we can attract sponsors who give us money, which we put into heavily subsidized events and services.

Medicine, as I'm sure you've heard, may make you want to slam your head into a wall on the odd occasion, so one of the things we do is provide more attractive avenues of release in the form of social and academic events.

Most importantly, because we represent all WSU medical students, we are able to effectively advocate and represent you to the SoM and to larger bodies, in order to improve your education and future prospects. In 2012, we worked with the Australian Medical Studentsʼ Association (AMSA), the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the State and Federal Governments, to advocate for internship positions for all medical students. We have a partnership with AMSA and the AMA, to improve what we can do for you. We give feedback to and work with the SoM on curriculum, as well as report to the Australian Medical Council.

Our Special Interest Groups, GHAWS, SurgSoc and Physicians Society are a part of WSMS, so you are members of them too! 

We have your financial interests at heart too, with our Travel Grants Scheme that aims to subsidise conference registration costs and a Members Benefits Scheme (MBS), which gets you discounts at various retailers. 

Explore our 'Members' tab for more details on the benefits of being a WSMS member!