AnuName: Anu Ganapathy

Nickname: Noobster, Canoe, Nunu

What you love about WSMS:
The amazing people, teachers and environment! It’s such a close-knit and wonderful community to be a part of <3

Goals for 2016:

  • Develop and maintain the positive relationship between Medsoc and SIGs, to improve the efficiency and efficacy of events and initiatives brought to students and the wider community
  • Liaise with the Events and Academic Officers to ensure cohesive and organized projects are brought to members
  • Develop the Wellbeing and Bullying & Harassment Policies
  • Implement more permanent wellbeing projects, such as Project Positive, to improve student welfare during stressful exam periods, events and daily student life
  • Create fun and snazzy maroon merchandise to reflect the new rebranding of UWS to WSU! J
  • Take WSMS to infinity and beyond!

Interesting Fact about yourself:  I love llamas and sloths!