VaishVPEName: Vaish Mahen (Vaishnaivy Mahendravarman)

Grade: Eta

Nickname: Vaish is short for a wonderfully long name I rarely use! Leafni, Vase, and a few others exist however.

What I love about WSMS:
Western Sydney Med is honestly amazing in its sense of community – you know its unique when you can say you know friendly faces in every year! I’ve loved my time with MedSoc so far, and am keen to hit the ground running with a bunch of undeniably (over)excited, ambitious and banter-filled medsoc kids. #ovarylords #ftwill.    

Goals for 2016:
To create a working internal and external policy base for WSMS – our very first! Also to expand upon WSMS’s exposure, reaching out to both our members and the outside world and finally -  finding avenues  to promote opportunities for WSMS students to get involved in external organisations, to further our reach.  

Interesting Fact:
I have a twin brother, who I’ve been told looks ‘’exactly like [me] - but without hair!’’ After 21 years, currently still unsure if I look  male or he looks female.