Upcoming Events (Next 30 Days)

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MIPS Medical Electives Night Monday 23 April 2018 06:00pm

Join us for our annual Electives night sponsored by MIPS, showcasing an exciting range of elective destinations by our line-up of year five speakers and sponsors MIPS, MIGA, DocTours and Work the World. 

This year we’ll be exploring medical adventures of WSU students in London, Chicago, Africa, Japan, Korea and Fiji!

Dinner is provided so save the date!

WSPS O&G mOSCEs Thursday 26 April 2018 05:00pm

Physsoc will be holding O&G mOSCES night on Monday 26th March at 5PM, at Blacktown Clinical School. The mOSCEs are held to give 4th years who are currently on their O&G term the experience of a viva examination; it’ll be five viva stations and the one written station.

GHAWS Refugee Health MP Callout Monday 30 April 2018 GHAWS
Twilight Monday 07 May 2018 Social
GHAWS: Global Health Conference (GHC) 2018 Registration Tuesday 08 May 2018 05:00pm GHAWS
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Masterclass Saturday 12 May 2018 09:00am

Western Sydney Physicians Society in conjunction with Shivany Vignarajan and Albert Vu have organised an O&G Masterclass on Saturday the 12th May at Blacktown Hospital. The event is aimed at 4th year medical students and students interested in O&G, however, all students are welcome! 

Expect to hear what life is like as an obstetrician and gynaecologist, great advice about the training program, what to expect on your rotation and academic talks and workshops throughout the day. Register now to secure a spot so you don't miss out - as there are only 30 spots available!


Pathway to Paediatrics Night Monday 14 May 2018 05:30pm

Western Sydney Physicians Society would like to invite YOU to our highly anticipated event, "Pathway to Paediatrics Night". Paediatrics is a common favourite speciality amongst WSU medical students, and this event is targeted towards clinical year students who have a strong interest in the field.

The event will involve 20-30 minute talks from of a panel of 5 esteemed paediatricians. You will gain a better understanding of life as a paediatrician, advice on the training pathway, interview and CV tips, and more! Most importantly you will receive advice on what you can do NOW as a medical student or junior doctor to improve your chances of entering the field of paediatrics.

So if you have a special spot for paediatrics, have been left wanting more after your paeds rotation or are interested in finding out more about the specialty - don't miss out! 

Registration is OPEN and spots are limited. Sign up now at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DNJPLJS

AMSA National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS) Saturday 19 May 2018 Academic
GHAWS Auction Night Monday 21 May 2018 05:00pm

It's that time of the year again! Round up your m8's and come down for GHAWS Auction Night! It's back with all the banter, chocolate and screaming you know and love. 

Come down to the school of med and bid against your peers for a first year slave for a day, PBL baked goods extravaganza and many, many more great items all in the good spirit of helping mums and bubs in underprivellaged areas get a better start in life. 

GHC Registration is running at the same time, but don't fret! We'll have a short intermission so all you keen beans can whip out your laptop and register for the (arguably) best medical student convention of the year!

All proceeds go toward our annual birthing kit assembly and donation. Dinner will also be provided!