Name: Bridgette Andrew

Grade: Etas

What I love about WSMS:
WSMS gets students together in ways other medical schools can't, with friendships and bonds easily formed between year levels. It's amazing what can happen when a bunch of smart, passionate and slightly crazy people get together, and in my 3 years of medical school the best moments have always involved a WSMS event, costumes (or lack of), a drink (or 2 or 10) and some incredible meddies.

Goals for 2016:
As treasurer, my goals include responsibly spending, appropriate use of funds and making it rain fivers from the med building balcony.

I'm looking forward to working with an enthusiastic bunch of babes (+ will) to make sure we have another great year, filled with prizes, drink deals and all the free BBQs you can eat.

Interesting fact:
In my lifetime I have had 10 cats, 7 fish, 5 birds, 3 rabbits and 2 dogs. I've never owned clothing that isn't covered in some kind of fur, but one day aspire to.