WillSocialName: Will Harrison

Nickname: Billy, Big Bill, Billy & the Clonesaurus, Willy, Big Willy, Tamedog, TD Harrison, Old Man River, Dad, Grandpa Billy, Wait-how-old-are-you?

What you love about WSMS:
They organise mentoring to teach you about the liver then organise parties to teach you about the liver. Seriously WSMS is the bees knees of med school, they work so hard to support you and make things fun + informative. Without them you would just be stuck in hours of lectures/tutes until your eyes bleed.

Goal for 2016:
Bigger, better parties & events with a huge turnout. Lets bring back the stoke! Too long have people made excuses: “Oh I need to study” “I’m too tired from studying” “I have to shampoo my fish” ENOUGH! You have 5 years to learn how to doctor good and do other stuff good too so you may as well make it fun. So my goal is to make 1 out of those 5 years extravagant.

Interesting fact about yourself:
My cat is older than some people in my year (jokes I don’t have a cat. I have many cats. And I live alone. Hold me), clothes are not an option for dress ups, and I have swum in the campus lakes