MeganName: Yun Megan Foo

Nickname: Megs

What you love about WSMS:
I love how we are united in our goals and initiatives for all members of WSMS. I’m so excited to be working with such a talented, dedicated, intelligent and truly passionate group of people in the coming year – we have been bursting with great ideas and I can’t wait for us to bring them to everyone. I also love our mad (med?) banter. WSMS family! <3

Goals for 2016:

  • Create an internal calendar to help all our student-led groups with planning ahead
  • Update the WSMS calendar to be super reliable, and introducing reminders within that to increase student awareness of opportunities and events
  • Create a lot of templates (e.g. for powerpoints, minutes, our prospectus, reports) that look great and function well
  • I’m also going to be on the ball in terms of internal communication as we undergo the transition into WSMS together. As always, I’m keen to listen to suggestions and ideas from everyone, and incorporate them, to continually improve our medsoc :)

Interesting Fact about yourself:  
My favourite phrase in German (and one of the very few I know) pertains to asking about marital status.