LanaTheDirectorName: Lana Vien

Grade: Zeta

My 'remier league name is ThreeGirlsOneShower (This is a GREAT story which involves Western Sydney U sending me to NYC; and African roommates with no sense of boundaries). I might also respond to El Presidente, 2ShotLana and Khaleesi.

What you love about WSMS:
As I enter my final year, I can proudly look back at my time in Med School knowing that I have made the most of every opportunity and had an absolute blast. WSMS has taken me to incredible places, whether it was singing in MedRevue 2014 wearing nothing but a Kimbra wig and some strategically placed duct tape or hiking to a remote village in the mountains of Nepal; or watching paediatric neurosurgery in Cape Town. WSMS becomes your family: we fall asleep in lectures together; we cram for exams together and we party together after completing steps 1 and 2. This is the best thing about attending a smaller med school.

Goals for 2016:
In the past few years, MedSoc has really found its feet in terms of the balance and timing of academic and social events. This year WSMS is focused on perfecting our "product" and improving the way we market our events and programs to you, our members. We hope to achieve this through improved communication and making MedSoc and its operations easy to understand and open to input from members.

Interesting Fact: I love musicals and have a pet golden labrador named Captain von Trapp. #NotSorry