President - Lana Nguyen

LanaTheDirectorName: Lana Vien

Grade: Zeta

My 'remier league name is ThreeGirlsOneShower (This is a GREAT story which involves Western Sydney U sending me to NYC; and African roommates with no sense of boundaries). I might also respond to El Presidente, 2ShotLana and Khaleesi.

What you love about WSMS: 
As I enter my final year, I can proudly look back at my time in Med School knowing that I have made the most of every opportunity and had an absolute blast. WSMS has taken me to incredible places, whether it was singing in MedRevue 2014 wearing nothing but a Kimbra wig and some strategically placed duct tape or hiking to a remote village in the mountains of Nepal; or watching paediatric neurosurgery in Cape Town. WSMS becomes your family: we fall asleep in lectures together; we cram for exams together and we party together after completing steps 1 and 2. This is the best thing about attending a smaller med school.

Goals for 2016: 
In the past few years, MedSoc has really found its feet in terms of the balance and timing of academic and social events. This year WSMS is focused on perfecting our "product" and improving the way we market our events and programs to you, our members. We hope to achieve this through improved communication and making MedSoc and its operations easy to understand and open to input from members.

Interesting Fact: I love musicals and have a pet golden labrador named Captain von Trapp. #NotSorry

Vice President External - Vaish Mahen

VaishVPEName: Vaish Mahen (Vaishnaivy Mahendravarman)

Grade: Eta

Nickname: Vaish is short for a wonderfully long name I rarely use! Leafni, Vase, and a few others exist however.

What I love about WSMS: 
Western Sydney Med is honestly amazing in its sense of community – you know its unique when you can say you know friendly faces in every year! I’ve loved my time with MedSoc so far, and am keen to hit the ground running with a bunch of undeniably (over)excited, ambitious and banter-filled medsoc kids. #ovarylords #ftwill.    

Goals for 2016:
To create a working internal and external policy base for WSMS – our very first! Also to expand upon WSMS’s exposure, reaching out to both our members and the outside world and finally -  finding avenues  to promote opportunities for WSMS students to get involved in external organisations, to further our reach.  

Interesting Fact: 
I have a twin brother, who I’ve been told looks ‘’exactly like [me] - but without hair!’’ After 21 years, currently still unsure if I look  male or he looks female.

Vice President Internal - Anu Ganapathy

AnuName: Anu Ganapathy

Nickname: Noobster, Canoe, Nunu

What you love about WSMS:
The amazing people, teachers and environment! It’s such a close-knit and wonderful community to be a part of <3

Goals for 2016:

  • Develop and maintain the positive relationship between Medsoc and SIGs, to improve the efficiency and efficacy of events and initiatives brought to students and the wider community
  • Liaise with the Events and Academic Officers to ensure cohesive and organized projects are brought to members
  • Develop the Wellbeing and Bullying & Harassment Policies
  • Implement more permanent wellbeing projects, such as Project Positive, to improve student welfare during stressful exam periods, events and daily student life
  • Create fun and snazzy maroon merchandise to reflect the new rebranding of UWS to WSU! J
  • Take WSMS to infinity and beyond!

Interesting Fact about yourself:  I love llamas and sloths!

Secretary - Megan Foo

MeganName: Yun Megan Foo

Nickname: Megs

What you love about WSMS:
I love how we are united in our goals and initiatives for all members of WSMS. I’m so excited to be working with such a talented, dedicated, intelligent and truly passionate group of people in the coming year – we have been bursting with great ideas and I can’t wait for us to bring them to everyone. I also love our mad (med?) banter. WSMS family! <3

Goals for 2016:

  • Create an internal calendar to help all our student-led groups with planning ahead
  • Update the WSMS calendar to be super reliable, and introducing reminders within that to increase student awareness of opportunities and events
  • Create a lot of templates (e.g. for powerpoints, minutes, our prospectus, reports) that look great and function well
  • I’m also going to be on the ball in terms of internal communication as we undergo the transition into WSMS together. As always, I’m keen to listen to suggestions and ideas from everyone, and incorporate them, to continually improve our medsoc :)

Interesting Fact about yourself:  
My favourite phrase in German (and one of the very few I know) pertains to asking about marital status.

Treasurer - Bridgette Andrew


Name: Bridgette Andrew

Grade: Etas

What I love about WSMS: 
WSMS gets students together in ways other medical schools can't, with friendships and bonds easily formed between year levels. It's amazing what can happen when a bunch of smart, passionate and slightly crazy people get together, and in my 3 years of medical school the best moments have always involved a WSMS event, costumes (or lack of), a drink (or 2 or 10) and some incredible meddies.

Goals for 2016: 
As treasurer, my goals include responsibly spending, appropriate use of funds and making it rain fivers from the med building balcony.

I'm looking forward to working with an enthusiastic bunch of babes (+ will) to make sure we have another great year, filled with prizes, drink deals and all the free BBQs you can eat.

Interesting fact: 
In my lifetime I have had 10 cats, 7 fish, 5 birds, 3 rabbits and 2 dogs. I've never owned clothing that isn't covered in some kind of fur, but one day aspire to.

Academic Director - Christine Byrnes

ChristineName: Christine Byrnes

Nicknames: Chrissie, Pilot Doctorrr

What I love about WSMS: 
I love that WSMS is something run entirely by volunteers with the aim of improving everybody’s experience of studying medicine at Western Sydney U. It combines all the elements of student life whilst educating, advocating for, and looking out for the students. It’s also the reason I didn’t starve in my first year of medicine.

Goal for 2016: 
To make the academic program even stronger, to provide readily accessible support for students with regards to all academic matters, and to facilitate clear and open communication with the School of Medicine.

Interesting fact: 
I’ve had different coloured eyes for 10 years and am regularly asked if I’ve noticed it. Yes, I have noticed it.

Social Director - Will Harrison

WillSocialName: Will Harrison

Nickname: Billy, Big Bill, Billy & the Clonesaurus, Willy, Big Willy, Tamedog, TD Harrison, Old Man River, Dad, Grandpa Billy, Wait-how-old-are-you?

What you love about WSMS: 
They organise mentoring to teach you about the liver then organise parties to teach you about the liver. Seriously WSMS is the bees knees of med school, they work so hard to support you and make things fun + informative. Without them you would just be stuck in hours of lectures/tutes until your eyes bleed.

Goal for 2016: 
Bigger, better parties & events with a huge turnout. Lets bring back the stoke! Too long have people made excuses: “Oh I need to study” “I’m too tired from studying” “I have to shampoo my fish” ENOUGH! You have 5 years to learn how to doctor good and do other stuff good too so you may as well make it fun. So my goal is to make 1 out of those 5 years extravagant.

Interesting fact about yourself: 
My cat is older than some people in my year (jokes I don’t have a cat. I have many cats. And I live alone. Hold me), clothes are not an option for dress ups, and I have swum in the campus lakes

AMSA Representative - Ali Climen

AliName: Ali Cimen

Nickname: Squinty

What you love about WSMS: 
The people. Absolute legends to work with.

Goals for 2016:

  • Get all our WSU opinions heard at AMSA Council
  • Vote with WSU's best intentions at AMSA council
  • Organise our convention delegation with lots of team building exercises and fun activities!

Interesting Fact: 
If I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.

Publications and Communications Officer - Zahraa Ahadzada

ZahraaName:Zahraa Ahadzada

Nickname: Zazz, Zazzles, Zee, Zee-Dawg, Zazu, Zazzberry, Snoop Doggy Zazz

What you love about WSMS: 
I love that we are a member-based, member-run and member-driven family of medical nerds with a plethora of different abilities and talents. Within our WMS we have IT techsperts, hilariously creative memers, incredibly talented musicians, actors and artists, sporty and muscly iron people, and so much more. This makes being a representative of our WSMS family all the more exciting! We are a multicultural and incredibly diverse family with so much to give, and I am incredibly proud to be representing us!

Goal for 2016: 
I want our publications to be more than a circulation. I want it to be a platform where all WSMS members feel they can express themselves in ways they deem reflective of their diversely amazing backgrounds. We will make our publications a space to watch!

Interesting Fact: 
I have the most annoyingly loud laugh to have ever graced the face of the planet.

Sponsorship Officers - Elaine Cheng and Amy Hort

ElaineName: Elaine (Left)

Nickname: That tall asian girl over there

What you love most about WSMS: The people, the parties, the (free) pizza

Goal for 2016: To see my friends more, and to survive barriers... I’m hoping these are not mutually exclusive?

Interesting Fact: I think brunch should be it’s own food group.

Name: Amy (Right)

Nickname: Rosie

What you love most about WSMS: The great events organised and the free food

Goal for 2016: To make it through without breaking my leg again (and survive barriers).

Interesting Fact: The dimple on my cheek was caused by teeth at netball training!

IT Officer - Albert Kartawardana

AlbertName: Albert Kartawardana

What you love about WSMS: 
Awesome people and awesome events that are totally not mosquito ridden :wink:

Goals for 2016: 
Building this new website, making some videos and fixing everything and anything that invariably breaks.

Interesting Fact:  
I’ve done first year three times in a row (in three different degrees).

Blacktown Clinical School Rep - Tamara Johnson

TamaraJohnsonName: Tamara Johnson. Role: Blacktown clinical school rep. Fun fact: my appendix is on the wrong side. What ppl need to know about my role: I am here to be the link between the students and the clinical school staff so come and talk to me if anything is bothering you at Blacktown clinical school!

Macarthur Clinical School Rep -

Name: Raju Raikkosalam

Advocate for students with issues with may or may not relate to your position as a Clinical Representative, and refer them as needed to WSMS Council, Executive or WSU Medical School staff.
Attend WSMS Council events and meetings as required, ie. Annual General Meeting.
Be a point of contact with students at your clinical school and WSMS. Be able to communicate on major issues, as well as follow up with ongoing concerns.
Maintain frequent and open communication with Clinical School Administration Officers. This may be in relation to Common Room supplies, student welfare, or any other relevant concerns across all year levels
Likes: Earl Grey and frozen grapes

Organisational Structure