Artiene 2018 Cropped

Title: President 

Name: Artiene Tatian. Year 4

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  • Public Officer for UWSMS and spokesperson for the Society.
  • Coordinate and oversee the Executive to ensure we meet all of our goals and responsibilities.
  • Guide the vision and direction of UWSMS with enthusiasm and passion.
  • Guide and assist the Executive in their portfolios.
  • Liaise with the School of Medicine, UWS Connect and UWS student bodies, other MedSocs, the AMA, AMSA and other representative bodies.


  • Annual General Meeting
  • Australian Medical Council Report and other reports

 Skills, advantages and opportunities of running this portfolio:

  • Learn about UWSMS and its operations intimately.
  • Run an organisation and ensure it stays true to its core objectives and values.
  • Working with an amazing group of passionate people, who do everything they can to make their peer's experience at UWS incredible.
  • Networking with students in all years, across other universities.
  • Networking with academics, administration staff, advocates and politicians.
  • You get to have the honour and responsibility of making sure the job gets done! It's very satisfying! 


Christopher Kocx


Title: Vice President Internal

Name: Christopher Kocx. Year 2.

Why did I run for MedSoc?
I ran for MedSoc 2014 with the vision of providing better communication between all members within our medical school, from students to those involved with other executive committees. I want to provide an approachable and effective MedSoc that holds our students' interests with the utmost respect and priority.

Goals, plans, aims for your role.
My main goal is to improve the communication and relationship between all organisations that UWSMS students are involved with. 

Ideally, I want to use my role to improve our experiences as students, from merchandise to having our voices heard on policies regarding state wide issues that affect us. I also want to be the shoulder to lean on in exec; the one who acknowledges when someone is inundated with work and assists them in any way I can. I also want to become proficient in policy making. 

What I hope to gain from this experience.
What do I hope to gain...? I guess, first and foremost, is to know that we, as a team, have represented every student in UWS med as effectively and equitably as possible, and ensured that their voice and concerns have been heard.

I hope to gain not only leadership skills, but also implement new ideas and build on old ones that make life either 1) easier and 2) enjoyable for everybody who are, afterall, embarking on a crazy adventure that we like to call 'med'. 


  • Assists the president in all duties
  • Works with the Secretary/Treasurer in renewing UWSMS' liability insurance under the UWS School of Medicine yearly.
  • Play a large role in internal communication between the Medsoc Executive Committe members, including but not limited to, overseeing the individual UWSMS Council members' portfolios.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to the UWSMS Council and Special Interest Groups.
  • Acts as a Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Liason Officer, being in regular contact with GHAWS and SAWS and taking part in important SIG meetings.
  • Ensures the SIG Guidelines are adhered to
  • Coordinates creation and publicity of all UWSMS Merchandise, including but not limited to, UWSMS hoodies and other official apparel for events.


Jaislie Anderson


Title: Vice President External

Name: Jaislie Anderson. Year 3.

Why i ran for UWSMS:

I ran for UWSMS with the vision to advocate the concerns of all members of UWSMS and to help form an effective executive team to create a medical society that meets all interests of its members. I also want to effectively represent all UWS medical students to the external affiliates of UWSMS to provide maximum benefits to all members.

Goals and plans for 2015:

This year my main priorities are to revive the membership benefits scheme and create a streamlined scheme that provides useful benefits to UWSMS members, to maintain effective communication between UWSMS and all of its associated external organisations and to effectively represent the views of UWS medical students to external bodies, such as NSWMSC.

Something interesting:
I began learning to fly planes when I was in high school and achieved a private pilots licence before my driver's licence.


  • Assist the President in all duties.
  • Attends AMSA Council meetings whenever the President/AMSA Representative are unable to attend.
  • Meets regularly with relevant external bodies such as UWS, UWS Connect and other potential partners of UWSMS.
  • Maintains the Membership Benefits Scheme (MBS) for members to receive discounts at local businesses & to encourage expansion of the scheme.
  • Medical Society Representative on NSWMSC.
    • Attends NSWMSC Council meetings 3-4 times per year
    • Acts as conduit of information between UWSMS & NSWMSC
    • Represent all UWSMS members on a state level, and vote on behalf of UWS medical students on important policy and advocacy matters.
  • Provide guidance and support to the UWSMS AMSA Rep (in voting matters as well as the AMSA MedSoc Report) and the UWSMS International Officer on advocacy matters.


Anu Ganapathy


Title: Secretary   

Name: Anu Ganapathy. Year 2.

Why did I run for MedSoc? 
I ran for MedSoc because I thought it would be a great experience, as well as an awesome opportunity to be a part of such a competently run student organisation.

Goals, plans, aims for your role. 
To ensure that everything runs smoothly within the society and, additionally, members continue to receive the excellent benefits and support from UWSMS. I also aim to ensure that any improvements that need to be made in the constitution are passed in the Annula General Meeting. This will ensure progress within our society. I’ll also be there to help out other Exec members to stay on top of things!

What I hope to gain from this experience.
With such a great MedSoc Exec and Subcommittees taking on many new projects this year, it will be a very exciting and busy time! I hope to obtain a better understanding of how a student organisation runs and operates, as well as get to know many of the UWSMS members, new and old!


  • Organise MedSoc Executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting, which all UWSMS members are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • Ensure UWSMS Executive meeting's minutes are taken accurately, kept up to date, and made available to all UWSMS members on the website.
  • Ensure that UWSMS is run in a legal and constitutionally sound capacity.
  • Liase with the Department of Fair Trading, School of Medicine and other associated organisations, as required.


  • March and September elections
  • Annual General Meeting

Skills, advantages and opportunities of running this portfolio:

  • Being secretary requires excellent organisational skills and a well grounded understanding of the inner workings of UWSMS.
  • The opportunities that come with this position include building an understanding of how an incorporated, not for profit organisation is run. There are also opportunities to build contacts for UWSMS, with other medical societies and international organisations, as the Secretary is often the first point of contact and liaison for outside organisations.



Michael Lee


Title: Treasurer 

Name: Michael Lee. Year 4. 

1. Why did you run for MedSoc
Among my many passions are medicine, crunching numbers and endlessly poring over data beautifully arranged in spreadsheets. The role of treasurer gives me a chance to help UWSMS maintain financial stability while doing three things I enjoy.
2. What are your goals, plans and aims for 2015
My greatest aim is to streamline the main roles of UWSMS treasurer (bookkeeping, budgeting and overseeing transactions) into a quick and simple process to ensure convenience for day-to-day use and easy handover to future years without downtime. Afterwards,I hope to involve myself with the organisers and sponsors of the major UWSMS initiatives: the Travel Grants Scheme, MedCamp, MedRevue and Medball to explore ways to make the most effective use of our funds.
3. Something interesting about yourself
I can (almost entirely) quote all of Russell Crowe's lines from Gladiator off by heart.


  • Overseeing all transactions made between UWSMS and partners.
  • Enhancing the student experience by subsidising ticket prices for UWSMS events including MedCamp, MedBall, GradBall and many more.
  • Allocating incoming money to appropriate venues, for the greatest benefit of UWSMS members, ensuring equality.
  • Fiscal management of the Travel Grant Scheme, facilitating UWSMS members in their engagement in academic conferences throughout the year.
  • Addressing the growth of our membership cohort by increasing sponsorship and expenditure avenues to reflect the maturation of UWSMS.
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability by managing UWSMS future-funds.

Projects and initiatives:

  • Budget and expenditure management of all UWSMS projects in 2013.
  • Increased promotion of the UWSMS Travel Grant Scheme (TGS) - allowing UWSMS members to be granted funds to assist with travel and expenses for academic conferences, including representation interstate and internationally.

Skills, advantages and opportunities of this portfolio:

  • Prudent management of funds for the benefit of the whole UWSMS member cohort.
  • Continuous monitoring of UWSMS transactions.
  • Opportunity to liaise with the School of Medicine executive committee.



Lana Nguyen


Title: Academic Director

Name: Lana Nguyen. Year 4.

Why did I run for MedSoc?
While parties, 'rem, and 'rinking  may not be for everyone, the one thing all med students have in common, is a desire to be good doctors. To make this happen, we need a comprehensive medical curriculum, fair assessments and quality student support from the School of Medicine staff. I'm passionate about making us all quality doctors and advocating for students during our journey through med school.

Goals, plans, aims for your role.

  • Establishing a Students as Teachers interest group working with the School of Med to up skill UWSMS members' teaching, mentoring and facilitation skills
  • Creating clear and streamlined avenues for students to raise issues with the Curriculum, Assessment , Research and specific aspects of the School of Med curriculum via the MBBS Course Hub discussion boards
  • Advocacy for students with academic issues or facing threat of failure due to personal issues affecting academic performance
  • Create strong academic support programs like MOSCEs, Anatomy Mentoring, ICM Mentoring for students

What I hope to gain from this experience. 
I'm keen to continue my involvement in MedSoc from various positions over the past few years, and develop my advocacy skills representing UWSMS students on the SoM Overall Curriculum Committee and liaising with staff and student reps to create a stronger medical course with adequate student support for all of us. Also replying to emails, instead of marking them as important then forgetting about their existence, is a life skill I think I ought to develop.


  • Organise and coordinate student representatives for School of Medicine committees and represent the greater student body on several committees.
  • Liason between students, UWSMS & School of Medicine.
  • Hosting academic-themed events.
  • Advocating for students on an individual level regarding progression.
  • Contribution to reports (such as that provided to the Australian Medical Council).


  • mOSCEs - Mock OSCE scenarios
  • Careers Night - Information evening with presentations from specialist colleges & UWS interns
  • Electives Night - Information evening about 4th Year elective options

Advantages of this Role:

  • Networking with students (from UWS & elsewhere), academics & professional organisations
  • Facilitating peer-run education
  • Experience in event organisation/hosting and public speaking
  • Insight into degree structure & execution
  • Providing direct input into the coursework and its delivery



Ali Cimen


Title: Social Director

Name: Ali Cimen. Year 2.

Why did I run for MedSoc?
I wanted to get involved with the Medical Society and see what it was all about.

Goals, plans, aims for your role.
This year I want to make Social more social. Im talking bringing in other courses to our events and getting some Allied Health mcLovin.

What I hope to gain from this experience. 
I worked in Security with Tom Hatch for 7 and a half years before getting into Med School. 


  • To organise the social events for UWS medicine, ensuring that as many people as possible attend. They are nights to remember. We raise money for charity and have fun doing it. It is my job to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience throughout their medical degree!


  • O-Week: A week to welcome the new first years with style…and a jumping castle!
  • Blue Party: Raise money for depression awareness and help beat your blues by partying it up!
  • Scrubs Crawl: A pub crawl through the city with a medical twist.
  • Red Party: Raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness, via a red filled party with UNSW!
  • MedBall: A glamorous night for dressing up and boogying down with your fellow meddies.

Skills, advantages and opportunities of running this portfolio:

  • Get the opportunity to work with all sorts of people organising fun events for your fellow med students.
  • Become good at bargaining special deals at killer venues.
  • Using your intuition and imagination in advertising events to ensure as many people attend as humanly possible.