Mitchell Waters


Mitchell Waters. President

Year: 5

Best thing about UWS Med so far: ALL THE FUNTIMES!

Goal for 2013: Make it through my barrier exams and presidency alive, while continuing to take UWSMS further.

Why did you get involved in MedSoc? I wanted to help create and run fun events for my peers. It is so much fun and very rewarding to see everyone having a phenomenal time after your hard work! 

What are you passionate about? Music, acting and bringing back Oreo McFlurries.



Neel Gobin

Neel Gobin. Vice President

Year: 3

Best thing about UWS Med so far:Our MedBall and all the amazing people in our course!

Goal for 2013: Travel more, speak a 4th language, give back to our members and revamp our Membership Benefits Scheme, represent and advocate for our students. 

Why did you get involved in MedSoc? MedSoc is where 'stuff gets done'.

Secret talents: I was told that I can sing "Hey Soul Sister" pretty well…


Tarini S

Tarini SrivastavaSecretary

Year: 3

Best thing about UWS Med so far:All the amazing people, the events and our irrepressible UWS Med spirit. GAI, FSU and “what time is it?” are a part of every UWS meddieʼs vocabulary.

Goals for 2013: To not damage my car, this didnʼt work out as a 2012 goal. Meet more great people and emulate Donna from Suits as your MedSoc secretary, sheʼs awesome!

Why did you get involved in MedSoc? Iʼm passionate about representing UWS meddies!



Tamishka De Silva

Tamishka De Silva. Treasurer

Year: 3

Also known as: Tam, Tammy, Tim Tam, whatever floats your boat.

Favourite first year moment: The first time I walked through the hospital with a stethoscope around my neck. 

What are you passionate about? Great food, great coffee, great beats and surrounding myself with great people.


Artiene Tatian

Artiene Tatian. Academic Officer

Year: 3

Also known as: Artie.

Best thing about UWS Med so far:Convincing people I am motivated enough for this position.

What are you passionate about?Indigenous issues, food and my Saint Bernard Lola.

Secret talents: Developing symptoms that correlate with every weekʼs PBL and assuming I am dying.



Kate Sandy

Kate Sandy. Social Coordinator

Year: 3

Also known as: Kandy.

Goal for 2013: To get as many people as possible out socialising and to have fun doing it!

Why did you get involved in MedSoc? To push myself and make sure we have awesome parties this year.

What are you passionate about? Film and helping people. My ultimate aim is to combine film with medicine…somehow.


Brian Fernandes

Brian Fernandes. Community and Global Officer

Year: 3

Also known as: Bri Bri, Fernandes.

Best thing about UWS Med so far:Auction nights, the NFL filled breaks and all the amazing people.

Goal for 2013: To get through third year and make GHAWS shine! 

What are you passionate about? Global Health, the intern crisis and Arsenalʼs 2013 football season. 


Richard Nguyen

Richard Nguyen. Sponsorship Officer

Year: 5





Chloe Boateng

Chloe Boateng. Publications and Communications Officer

Year: 3

Also known as: Chloe Boat, Broteng.

Best things about UWS Med so far: The amazing people.

Goal for 2013: Get AMSA Convention registration, continue to search for the mystical work-life balance.

What are you passionate about? Healthcare, human rights, ancient history.


Dean Zinghini

Dean Zinghini. AMSA Representative

Year: 4

Also known as: Deano.

Best thing about UWS Med so far:Amazing parties.

Goal for 2013: Get as many UWS Meddies on board for AMSA Convention 2013 and the numerous AMSA events, including the Blood Drive, where weʼll be reclaiming our spot on the winnerʼs podium! 



Pierre Goorkiz


Pierre Goorkiz. First Year Representative

Year: 1

Why did I run for MedSoc? UWS Med is the love of my life and I don’t think there would be a more fitting receptacle for me to pour all my insanity, enthusiasm and energy into! I’m super serious about representing people and even more serious about putting my best efforts into it and MedSoc is a perfect avenue to achieve that. 

Goals: The top of my to-do list at the moment is to make first year as awesome for everyone as it’s going to be for me!



Elise Buisson


Elise Buisson. First Year Representative

Year: 1

Why did I run for MedSoc? I'm a giant ball of energy that's best put to use, lest I spontaneously combust and explode my firstie love over everybody. I want our cohort to feel the love without the mess, so here I am!

What I hope to gain from this experience. I want to get to the end of this position satisfied that I've developed new abilities, worked as hard as my inner sunshine could support, and made my fellow first years lives brighter in the process.