Soondoos Raashed


Soondoos Raashed. 


Also known as: Soondood Raashed, Madame President

Year: 4

Best thing about UWS Med so far: the reclining chair in Macarthur Clinical School student common room. Brilliant hospital rotations and exceedingly impressive student body are tied at a close second.

Goal for 2012: To make UWSMS soar! And not drown in assessments.

My secret talent: Generating metaphors and speaking in superlatives.


Duc Ho

Duc Ho. Vice President

Year: 3

Best thing about UWS Med so far: All the people. They’s keepin it real.

Goal for 2012: Pass 3rd year.

My secret talent: Would no longer be a secret - what a dumb question.

If I asked you a question, I’d ask: Would you like to lick my ice cream?

Sarah Qureshi

Sarah Qureshi. Secretary

Also known as: Squreshi, CrazyCatLady, Sa-RAWR, Square.

Year: 4

Best thing about UWS Med so far: The amazing students in every year! Seriously great to be surrounded by such sparkling company ;)

Goal for 2012: Get muscles ... and to be involved in MedSoc happenings to make sure UWS Med Students get the best of everything.

If I asked you a question, I’d ask: My place or yours?


Hussain Al-Ramadani

Hussain Al-Ramadani. Treasurer

Also known as: Huss, Husstler, Hussy ...

Year: 3

Best thing about UWS Med so far: definitely the people, especially how we unite on Sports Days and kick other Med School butt!

Goal for 2012: To make the best of it.

If I asked you a question, I’d ask: You mirin’ ... ?

Stuart Allison

Stuart Allison. Academic Officer

Also known as: Friends know me as many names, including Snowflake, Captain Cutdown and The Oracle, but you can call me Sir.

Year: 3

Best thing about UWS Med so far: Moving to the beach at beginning of 2nd year with two of my classmates.

Goal for 2012: As Academic Officer? Improve quality, relevance and delivery of our education. On a personal level? Keep pursuing the Holy Grail of Medicine - Work- Life Balance.

My secret talent: Appearing attentive whilst taking nothing in.

Tarini Srivastava

Tarini Srivastava. Social Co-ordinator

Also known as: T, T-Dawg, Tree, and most recently, Pork Terrine (I try not to answer to the last three).

Year: 2

Best thing about UWS Med so far: MedCamp, Red Party and MedRevue!

Goal for 2012: To travel to a new country, make it through 2nd year and not damage my car.

If I asked you a question, I’d ask: What day would you love to re-live again?

Nilanthy Vigneswaran

Nilanthy Vigneswaran. Community and Global Officer

Also known as: being considered quite an activist, although not entirely insane.

Year: 3

Editor’s addit: Nilanthy loves travel, Muse and period costume films that double as romantic comedies - and talking! As a child, she wanted to be a shoe-maker, an eskimo and the person who smashes the crash-test car dummies. Passionate about global health and GHAWS, as well as other nonsensical points of discussion. She did not want this to sound like an eHarmony profile.


Neel Gobin

Neel Gobin. Sponsorship Officer

Also known as: NeelGo, and more recently, Toto.

Year: 2

Best thing about UWS Med so far: All the people, and our yearly MedBall.

Goal for 2012: better time management and living up to your expectations - more $$$ for awesome events!

If I asked you a question, I’d ask: You like?

Joey Nguyen

Joey Nguyen. Publications and Communications Officer

Also known as: Hugh, Hoo-nyah, Josephine, Zor.

Year: 5

Best thing about UWS Med so far: blood, guts and the tender stories. And working in Timor-Leste - unbelievable.

Goal for 2012: Do more stuff, relax more, do stuff whilst relaxing more, stuffing more whilst doing relaxing.

If I asked you a question, I’d ask: What’s that coming out of your face?

Mitchell Waters

Mitchell Waters. AMSA Representative

Also known as: Waters, Professor Severus Snape.

Year: 4

Best thing about UWS Med so far: The people, hands down. UWS Meddies are awesome. I suppose the first clinical year (3rd year) was also insane ... so are the parties.

Goal for 2012: To make AMSA more of a presence at UWS, which I need you for. Throw me a line anytime, I swear I’m not as much of a self-indulgent tool as this profile makes me sound. Besides that bring a girl home to meet my mother. I think she still questions my sexuality. Maybe it’s the love of musical theatre.

My secret talent: I am a professional sword swallower. I can put my contact lenses in without a mirror.

Thomas Suo

Thomas SuoFirst Year Representative

Also known as: Stupid Suo, The Absolutely Ripped Tank (i wish) or just plain Suo   

Year: 1

Best thing about UWS Med so far: SOCIAL EVENTS! Blue Party! Cocktail Party! Scavenger Hunt! Marvelous Movie Night! Hoodie purchasing days!

Goal for 2012: Get a hug from PBL tutor, Keep my eyes open in all my photos! Finish SCRUBS!

My secret talent: i can close one eye while the other eye is open 

If I asked you a question, I'd ask: One of us just farted, can you guess who?

Sukhman Sangha

Sukhman SanghaFirst Year Representative

Also known as: Sukh, Sukhy, Superman ;)

Year: 1

Best thing about UWS Med so far: The Tea! It's amazing :) OH, and the people aren't bad either :P

Goal for 2012: To pass and have the best year of my life so far! Oh, nearly forgot (yeah right); TO MAKE MEDCAMP 2013 EPICCCC! AND VERY UNMEMORABLE.... get it? ;)

My secret talent: Tripping people over, flicking people, talking and generally just annoying people! :D

If I asked you a question, I'd ask: How you doin'? ;)