Name: Marcus Handmer
Also known as: Marcus (or Mr President, if you're Marilyn Monroe)
Position: PresidentYear: 4
Favourite piece of office furniture: Credenza - too small to be useful, too large to have a place, and a terrific name. What's not to like?
Best med memory: Surgery! And the odd excellent lecture. Oh, and the parties of course.
Goal for 2011: Keep rocking the free world + further the good work of Med Soc

Name: Matt Crilly
Also known as: Any variation on Crilly you can think of – Crilldog, Crillbot, etc.
Position: Vice-PresidentYear: 4
Favourite piece of office furniture: Anything from Ikea. Crazy Swedes.
Best Med Memory: One of the nurses at Campbelltown Hospital told me I reminded them of JD. It was the greatest day of my life.
Goals for 2011: Pass fourth year, and help make Med Soc even more awesomer than it already is!

Name: Nat Vo
Also known as: Natvo or Nathalie
Position: SecretaryYear: 3rd
Favourite piece of office furniture: Ergonomic laptop desk (currently am not the proud owner of such desk, but I can be if you give me one)
Best med memory: Apart from all the love and fun times in our year, it would be the day a certain staff member gave me their mobile number ;) True story.
Goal for 2011: World domination. Just getting through 3rd year alive will do though.

Name: Richard Nguyen
Also known as: Sarah's girlfriend, Team Richard (the team everyone wants to be on)
Position: TreasurerYear: 3
Favourite piece of office furniture: Desk or chair? Desk or chair? I don't really have much choice here do I?
Best med memory: Walking into the big lecture theatre for the first time and thinking what a goldmine the place was ;)
Goal for 2011: To continue being every girl's someday guy

Name: Nile Ulgen
Also known as: smile, ulgenator
Position: Academic RepYear: 2
Favourite piece of office furniture: That solitary, orange wheelie chair in each PBL room.
Best med memory: Having a legitimate reason to wear a stethoscope for the first time, and feeling really awesome about it.
Goal for 2011: Survive AMSA.

Name: Linda Tang
Also known as: Tang, Lilo (not really)
Position: Social CoordinatorYear: 2
Favourite piece of office furniture: The ambient water filtration system in the common room. Is that furniture?
Best med memory: A tie between MedRevue and MedCamp (We’ll talk about what they have in common more privately!)
Goal for 2011: Stay awake through an entire lecture… though my dreams will be of organising events for you guys! Yay! :D

Name: Soondoos Raashed
Also known as: Soondood Raashed
Position: Community Global OfficerYear: 3
Favourite piece of office furniture: I LOVE LAMP
Best med memory: Any of the Auction Nights.
Goal for 2011: To be an ace clinical student and to take Comm/Glob to new heights.

Name: Jacqui Loprete
Also known as: Jack, 'Hey, you!'
Position: Communications and Publications    Year: 4
Favourite piece of office furniture: Swivel chairs- loved by Rove and not to mention that sense of doom when it leans back too far.
Best med memory: My first AMSA convention last year. Go to AMSA and you'll see why it won't be my last.
Goal for 2011: To make it as awesome as it seems to be on paper

Name: Samuel Rajadurai
Position: AMSA RepYear: 3
Favourite piece of office furniture: Pez dispenser.
Best med memory: Celebrating my 18th at AMSA convention in 
Goal for 2011: Controlling my super powers slightly better. But no 
promises. Also, making AMSA work for you.

Name Chiranjeev Narula
Also known as: Chezza, Chiran 
Position: Sponsorship OfficerYear: 2
Favourite piece of office furniture: I don't need furniture to get the job done
Best med memory: Cherishing Every. Single. Moment. It’s all just too good!
Goal for 2011: Makin’ the cash flow.