Hey guys,

Welcome to Medsoc 2010 what is bound to be the biggest, best and most dedicated executive to have ever set foot on the grounds of UWS Medicine. I am incredibly excited to be your new UWSMS President and I hope that’s exactly what I am, YOUR president. Medsoc is all about involvement, whether it be organising a barbecue to sitting on one of the academic subcommittees. It’s about representing you and giving you what you want which is exactly what I hope to able to achieve this year. 

You wanted more community projects, and this exec will endeavour to bring that to you, you wanted to be more informed about your medical futures by telling you exactly what AMSA and NSW MSC and we will bring that information to you more regularly. You wanted to further your academic abilities and our set of academic events are bound to bring that to you, and finally you wanted to party the night away, and forget the hectic world of PBL’s, ICM and clinical consultants, and I can guarantee you that 2010 will boast the most hectic social schedule that study won’t even have a chance to get in the way.

As I said above, I want to make this your society, and I want you to feel free to get your hands dirty and get involved, so if you have an idea, if you want to be involved or if you simply think Medsoc should be doing something it isn’t email me, stop me in the corridors or stalk me on facebook, and we will truly make this your society.

Arjun Chandran UWSMS President 2010


Hello! My name is Aarani Somaskanthan and I’m a 4th year meddie and the UWSMS Secretary. As the Secretary, I look after membership and the all-important constitution, so if you have questions, comments or suggestions about either then I’m your woman! Feel free to come and chat to me about whatever you like whether it’s politics, religion or the best way to get chewing gum out of your hair! I’m happy to help wherever and whenever I can so don’t be shy. I’m very excited about all the exciting opportunities that your Medsoc exec has in store for you for 2010! So get involved :)



Hi, I'm Sumita and I'll be your medsoc treasurer for 2010. If money is what you want, I'm the one to find. We offer reimbursements for all those goodies you buy under the guise of medsoc, as well as grants for conferences, because we want to get our name out there in the world of medicine. So if you want some money for that massage (happy ending not guaranteed) from that suspiciously goodlooking lady(boy) to cure your yellow fever that you use as your excuse for attending exotic medical conferences in Asia, I'm the one to contact. 
And just for funsies, a bit about myself... I graduated from NSG in '06 where I left behind the first love of my life, imaginary numbers, and moved onto gazing into the eyes of my peers dilated eyes as I studied optometry at UNSW. Whilst doing that I entered my dream job of the time as chocolate mistress at Max Brenner. I started medschool in 2008, quickly falling in love with the bright orange medschool. I have since changed saturday careers, now working at an eyecare store, where I steal the optom's glasses, because a) they look better on me, and b) I seem super smart and doctor-ish in them. Until I open my mouth that is. 
Toodles for now!


I'm Marcus Handmer, and I'm your academic executive on the medsoc for 2010.
My aim is to support the pursuit of excellence for all students, help represent you to the medical school in times of difficulty, and work with the medsoc to provide educational opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. Projects for 2010 include the creation of the Surgical Society, implementation of OSCE practice sessions, continuation of the Clinical Vignettes Competition and further development of the website.
Medsoc's academic role will involve a push for further scholarship opportunities, maintenance of student representation on all school committees, and a continuation of the good work already started by my predecessor Kyle. Feel free to contact me with anything academic related. 


Hey my name is Joe and I'm in 3rd year. I'm the Sponsorship Officer for 2010. My job is to basically liase with sponsors and potential sponsors, so that medsoc has the funds to do the kick-ass things that they do. You will all come to like me because the more money I bring in, the more money that gets spent on our events (especially social events - ie. alcohol). If anybody is interested in joining the sponsorship team, or knows of anybody that wants to give free money to UWSMS, then send me an email!



How do you do?

Zee here, your comm-glob officer.  I’ll have the pleasure of being the person you contact if you feel your knickers crawling with that irrepressible desire to get your humanitarian groove on.  

I know so many of you, altruists that you are, would like to be more involved in doing tangible things to improve the planet we inhabit. My role on exec this year will be to help community and global health issues establish more footing within Medsoc’s agenda.  
GHAWS’* structure has changed this year to include a community AND a global arm. The Community & Global Officer’s role has also changed, it now includes overseeing the running of GHAWS’ projects alongside the GHAWS Co-chairs, and involves facilitating communication between Medsoc and GHAWS.
I’ll stop talking now, but if you’d like to be involved in one of the upcoming community OR global projects, or have ideas on other projects you’d like to pursue please please don’t hesitate to email me. 
*Global Health Awareness Western Sydney.  A specialised subsidiary group of Medsoc. GHAWS is the branch of Medsoc through which students may engage in humanitarian and philanthropic work.
Zainib Cheema


Hey guys and gals! I'm Jesse, though many of you already know that due to my habit of being noticed doing/wearing/eating/drinking stupid things. I'm a pretty laid-back kind of guy, much more amenable to a few drinks and a laugh than to having a serious medicine-related conversation. Come and say hi, share your stories with me, and I might share a few of my own... though you will need proof-of-age ID, or a note from your parents for that. 
Fittingly enough, my job is to take care of the planning and execution of the major social events of the year - the big things like MedBall - that require many hours of planning over many long months. This is a job where you need to really LOVE to party, otherwise it's just not worth it. If ever you have questions or ideas relating to this sort of event just give me a yell. I'm always looking for new ideas, and fresh hands for the social team.
Remember, an empty glass is a broken glass. 


Hi fellow Meddies,
I’m Mads, and I’m your publications and communications officer. Basically my job is to wade knee (sometimes neck...) deep in techno babble and website bugs to try to get you your eMUWS in a timely fashion. I also organise, compile and publish the quarterly MUWSletter and other publications. This is a fast growing area as we move our newsletters online and make it easier to keep you up to date with everything! 
Also if there’s an issue close to your heart (preferably medical related...) that you think the rest of the med school would benefit from hearing about, then whip up a quick article and before you know it you’ll be famous!!!