President - Sean Williams

My email: isn’t a silly pun on R.M.Williams clothes, I’m a city-boy born and bread. It stands for Sean Robert March Williams. March is my mum’s last name, my parents liked the name Robert, plus Bob’s my uncle. Actually.

I’m 22. Between finishing school and starting med I spent one year in Germany as a Rotary Exchange student where I learnt to open non-twist beer bottles with more objects than MacGyver stored in his mullet. I now also speak Deutsch and can confirm that “San Diego” is not German for whale’s vagina. It’s “Walscheide”. I then spent 2 years at USYD dabbling in a variety of areas from Art History to Spanish to Anatomy/Histology in a (very) Liberal Studies degree.

I’ve lived at the student residences on Campus since second semester last year and currently receive free rent for being the official Party Liaison, *cough*, I mean, Resident’s Assistant. I love being busy and throwing myself into anything and everything. With such a vibrant young med-school and endless opportunity to forge a lasting culture, I wouldn’t be caught doing med anywhere else in Australia. Hopefully I'll be playing doctors at Campbelltown hospital in 2009, but I'll definitely do my best to get along to as many of our terrific social events as possible. See you there!

Sean Williams

AMSA Rep 08, President 09

AaraniVice President - Aarani Somaskanthan

Hey kids! My name is Aarani Somaskanthan and I’ll be your vice president for 2009. I didn’t fall into Medicine straight from high school, I graduated in ’05 and did a year of Medical Science at USyd before travelling south-west to experience the exciting new world of UWS Medicine.

I guess you could call me a loud person and there’s a 100% guarantee of truckloads of enthusiasm. I love love love chocolate cake, Milo (warm or cold), talking for hours, stargazing, meetings and doing med at UWS!

Our Medsoc is growing, facing new challenges and building bridges to prepare future UWS meddies for a changing world. I’m very excited to be part of such an amazing group of talented and dedicated people. We’ve got a great group and I’m honoured to have the privilege of representing you in ’09.

I’m always available for a chat and though I may look slightly insane, I can assure you I don’t have rabies.

It looks like there’ll be clear skies ahead, so kick-back, relax and enjoy the ride (or alternatively, get involved and see what MedSoc has to offer you!) as the UWS MedSoc Exec take you into 2009 in style! YEAH BOI!!

PriyankaSecretary - Priyanka Sagar

Yes. I like taking notes during conversations.

Yes. I then like to email them out so people can reflect on them later.

And no, I did not do any "special favours" to get this job.

Jokes aside though, I am extremely honoured to be the Secretary for MedSoc Exec '08-'09.

A little bit about me: I'm here straight from the lovely city of trams, cafes and crazy weather that is Melbourne! I'm straight of out high school, I could eat my weight in chocolate and am absolutely obsessed with Edward Cullen!! :)

Feel free to call me Pri...or anything you like (as I have found since coming to UWS and being annoyingly-named, in my opinion, "yanks") because I probably will respond after significant shouting and arm-waving.

But truly, the UWS Medical Cohort is made of an extremely wonderful bunch of friendly, awesome people, so any opportunity to get involved will definitely lead to fun, laughs, and great memories! :)

If there's anything you need to talk to me about feel free to email me on the course hub and I'll get back to you!

Ciao! And..........SMILE!!

(I always wondered if people would actually smile if they read that :P :D)

InduTreasurer - Indu Annabattula

Hi there! I'm Indu =). After strategically eavesdropping on people (no, I am not a stalker), I have learnt that the average human being views me as a friendly, confident, responsible, incredibly good-looking and slightly hypochondriac person. In my spare time, I sing and volunteer my skills to St Vincent De Paul's organisation. I also practice busting my moves to burn the dance floor at parties. So, why am I treasurer? I like to count. Counting notes, coins, money, dollars ...sheep...anything really. I’ve had previous leadership roles and I’ve also done a year of commerce/law at USYD, which gave me a solid understanding of legal and accounting principles. I truly feel fortunate to have met some amazing people at UWS and believe that we’re all going to be awe-inspiring doctors in the near future. MedSoc ’09 is going to build a firm monetary foundation to support future events, allowing them to reach new unimaginable heights.

ParanAMSA Representative - Paran Nadeswaran

The mandate of AMSA is to provide a voice for Australian medical students. The representatives from each university extend that responsibility to the students they serve. So if you’ve got something to say about AMSA or the issues it deals with, feel free to come and talk to me. And if there’s something that’s not on the AMSA agenda but you think it affects the medical students of this country, then you can be sure that AMSA wants to hear what you’ve got to say! AMSA thrives on your input, so let me know how we can make sure this association serves you in the best way that it can.

If you don’t know me, my name is Paran and I’m in 2nd year in 2008. Drop me a line on vUWS, mail, or stop me in the corridors at uni and hospital. I’m really excited about making AMSA work for UWS, so get your thinking caps on and get involved!

KyleAcademic Representative - Kyle Sheldrick

Hi, I’m Kyle Sheldrick and you might remember me from such blurbs as "I really want to be a neurosurgeon". If you, too, have this goal, I'm here to help you out! After all over here in the mystical land of MedSoc Academic we’re all about the learnin’, and isn’t that why you came here?

Wishing you an academic year filled with HDs - Kyle



SarahSocial Officer - Sarah Barlow

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I’m your social coordinator for 2009. I’m from the Sunny Coast in QLD, so I love the hot hot sun! I just celebrated my 25th birthday on the Coast (a couple of weeks early – I’m a Halloween baby) and have arrived back in Sydney with a whole lot of vitamin D! In the years between graduating from secondary school and moving to Sydney to study at the best med school around town, I lived in Brisvegas. After graduating from UQ with a BSc, I worked at the Mater Hospital for a few years in adult stem cell research (preclinical studies and clinical trials). Outside uni I enjoy travelling, skiing and socialising with friends. I look forward to seeing you all out on the town! ;)

AngieCommunication/Publications Officer - Angelina Di Re

One assumes a Communication and Publications Officer to be a pedantic nerd, who as a result of spending most of their time sitting at their computer have unusually large eyes. Unfortunately, I am all these things. However, I am told large eyes are flattering on a woman.

For those of you who want to know a bit more about me – I’m a 19 year old 2nd year who has been involved with MUWSletter over the past year and am really excited about being involved with MedSoc for ’09.

I was a wee little Year 7 girl when I first got hooked on all things ‘publicity-related’ and joined my high school’s (Abbotsleigh) newspaper team. My very first article was entitled “My First Day at Abbotsleigh…”; while it didn’t win the Nobel Prize for Literature like I’d hoped, it is still widely considered a masterpiece in numerous circles.

I’ve travelled to over 30 different countries, am eccentrically Italian, and believe uttering the phrase “I don’t like pizza/pasta/food” should be made a punishable offence. I tend to sing off-key at the top of my lungs whilst driving, I bite my nails, and spend way too much time reading the ‘news’ on

I’m always there if you want to chat about ANYTHING. You can approach me at any time or email me at

NishCommunity/Charity Officer - Nishanta Tangirala

Hey fellow Gobstoppers. I'm Nish. I drink alot of tea and have found that people tend to laugh at me alot. I can't understand why. Anyway, being on the medsoc exec for the last two years, I realised that Community/Charity is a portfolio that really needs to be developed esp the community side of things. If it wasn't for the Western Sydney community, you and I may never have been friends. What a loss...for you.. I mean me. :P More importantly, we may not have the chance to be future to-be doctors. I have big ideas for this portfolio, i hope they eventuate in the near future. Cheerio, Gutentag, Aueriva, Pappadums are so good. Come say Hi… I'll greet you with a big hug.Chow. (apparently that means "food" not "bye" in Mandarin).

 First year rep (male) – Neel Gobin

I’m proud to be the first International Student to be part of the UWS MedSoc Executive Committee. I come from Mauritius, the paradise-island. I did only one semester of Medical Science at the University of Sydney, as I was too eager to start Medicine at UWS. The transition from City to Wild West life has been smooth. I have not looked back as an exciting future awaits me. I am currently living on campus, and during my free time, I tutor French and I am a volunteer Medic, assisting at public events, concerts and international sports events.

I am actively involved in the Medical Society. My tasks include ensuring that first years have a voice in decision-making in our relatively new Medical Society; attending fortnightly meetings; organising and promoting social events within our Medical School as well as in collaboration with other Medical Schools in NSW. I will also be organising MedCamp 2010, the Orientation Camp for new Medical students which be held early next year. As a member of the different subcommittees, I also have to attend regular meetings with the Unit Coordinator and other lecturers, where academic issues raised by first years are attended to.


ArjunSponsorship (ongoing) - Arjun

Hey Guys, I'm Arjun and I am the UWS Medical Societies Sponsorship Officer for 2008/2009. When not trying to talk sponsors into giving this worthy society money, I like long walks on the beach and watching chick flicks 24/7, interested ladies?? But no in all seriousness I'm having a great time being sponsorship officer for the UWSMS and especially love introducing this brand new medial school of ours to the corporate world. I graduated from Sydney Grammar School in 06 so if anyone wants to chat about how much better SGS is than any other school feel free to drop me a line. If you want to contest this last point contact Chandra and he would be delighted to answer your concerns.

It is my job to provide potential sponsors with an avenue in which to help their local community and what better way than to support an organisation that is designed to represent the loyal, hardworking and intelligent future of the medical workforce.This Medical school was founded on the need to address the shortage of doctors in the Greater Western Sydney Region and supporting this medical society is one outstanding way that local buisnesses can help to solve this pertinent issue in today's society. 
Peace out