GokulPresident: Gokul Tamilarasan
Hey guys, my name is Gokul Tamilarasan and I’m in 2nd year at the moment and loving it! I landed in med, via a brief dabble in Medical Science at Sydney Uni and haven’t looked back. I love traveling, most sports (equestrian or “horse dancing” just doesn’t do it for me) and kicking back with friends. I like to think that I’m pretty laid back and approachable so come say hi, gimme a high five or tell me how your pet weasel went in Royal Weasel Parade.

From humble beginnings, the UWSMS has developed into an informative vehicle for advocacy and social connection. I believe that at the UWS SoM you have the opportunity to be or do anything you want, and we at UWSMS want to help you do just that! So get out there, get involved and make sure you wear that UWSMS badge with pride!

NishantaVice President: Nishanta Tangirala

Heyy heyy! J I’m Nishanta (aka Nish, Nishy). I’m 19 years old and came into UWS Medicine, straight from high-school. I find writing blurbs about myself rather awkward. The problem is, to write this you need wit, and most of the time I find people laughing at me, more than with me. So besides Medicine, I dance, I sing…in the shower and apparently in the computer room when I type notes, I drink copious amounts of tea, religiously watch sunsets, lose my phone everyday and seem to continuously make the “favourite quotes” section of the MUWSletter. Just recently (AMSA 08) I discovered my hidden talent in the boat race (sculling beer)….however, on the down side AMSA also taught me what happens after sculling/having one too many.One day I hope someone makes a character that is a cross between Mr. Darcy and Rhett Butler…my heaven. I also hope they take “gullible” out of the dictionary…

I love it here at UWS Medicine. There is a strong sense of student unity, enthusiasm and just all round friendliness. As the Vice President of UWSMS I believe the main idea is to support, encourage and challenge the Executive team alongside the President, to unite the student body, and to represent their views and values and basically to GET EXCITED! Come say hi, I’m normally overtly happy and jumping around…in a non scary way…YEAH BOI!

ConstantTreasurer: Constant Van Schalkwyk

Hi guys my name and position is located just to the top left of this blurb. I am 23 and I have been at uni for 5 years. I have started 3 degrees and have never been past second year. As treasurer it is my job to ensure that all the med soc operates in a sustainable way and that there will always be enough money in the coffers for upcoming events. Being treasurer allows you to have active involvement in almost all aspects of the med soc and I have enjoyed this immensely. It is has been very satisfying to be involved in the rapid growth of our society from its humble beginnings barely a year ago.

I like all things... unless you don’t like them, in which case I HATE them. I am quite highly strung so say hi to me in the corridors at your own peril and under no circumstances attempt a high five – I will leave you hanging...unless I feel like a high five! When I’m not at uni I like to do all the enjoyable things and try to avoid the less enjoyable things as much as possible... I’m quite unique in that respect. I don’t like other people when I want to be alone, but I love them when I’m in an outgoing mood. I like good music and I despise bad music... my opinions with regards to films are similar, however I am more tolerant to bad films than bad music. Books are good to read unless they involve maths equations or have “Hansard” written on the front. Sometimes I prefer books to films as is the case with “Harry Potter” and at other times I prefer films to books as was the case with “The Lord of the Rings”. Elephants are the best animals in the world followed closely by lions, then horses. If a Pegasus existed then it would push horses into second place – unicorns are just dumb and dangerous, they feature toward the bottom of the list. Yes I am on the med soc executive, but I am also human, I share all the emotions and tribulations that many of you face from day to day – only to a lesser degree. So feel free to stare at me from afar, but not for too long...

ParanSecretary: Paran Nadeswaran

I’m Paran Nadeswaran and I’m in 2nd year. I like eating recess-food and writing personal RSVP.com-style blurbs such as this. I dislike sad scenes like the deflating of a jumping castle – it could bring a tear to a glass eye. The entire executive of medsoc has been working to make life at UWS as good as it can be and I hope you are all enjoying uni as much as insulin loves glucose. We depend on your support like a thyroid depends on iodine. Too many analogies?

Publications & Communications: Jessica Sandy

Hey fellow meddies! My name's Jess Sandy (though you may hear me referred to as 'Jandy', 'Littly Fatty', and any variation on such names). I'm the Publications/Communications rep for our awesome MedSoc team, and loving it! My main role is putting together our newsletter, with the really witty name "MUWSletter", but I also do bits n pieces like organise the logo comps, posters, and potentially (if you're all really nice), we're lookin at a yearbook in the future. The most exciting time this year for Communications/Publications has been MDA agreeing to print our MUWSletters.. yay!! I'm easily pleased..

I graduated in '06 from NSG, did all those interviews and fell in love UWS C-town campus (where I've lived for the past two years) and the enthusiasm of a NEW MedSchool. Having spent the summer in South America, I've caught the travel bug hardcore! I also love french, soccer, dressup parties and music- playing various horns and my pretty guitar 'Woshi', listenin to anything from Cat Empire to Tiesto, and dancin at the various Med/Res/ASMA convention parties. UWS Meds are a special, vibrant bunch, which has made these two years GREAT so far. It's been an amazing opportunity to represent on the MedSoc, hassling anyone and everyone for quotes/articles/cartoons (please send them to muwsletter@gmail.com ).

If you have any enquiries or just feel like chatting, send me an email, or catch me in our beautiful new building!

Jess Sandy

JesseSocial Coordinator: Jesse Hall

Hey guys and gals! I'm Jesse, though most of you will probably know me as "that loud, strange guy carrying a bottle of red wine". Despite appearances to the contrary I'm a pretty laid-back kind of guy, much more amenable to a few drinks and a chat than to having a serious medicine-related conversation. Come and say hi, share your stories with me, and I might share a few of my own... though you will need proof-of-age ID, or a note from your parents for that.

Fittingly enough, my job is to take care of the planning and execution of the major social events of the year - the big things like MedBall - that require many hours of planning over many long months. This is a job where you need to really LOVE to party, otherwise it's just not worth it. If ever you have questions or ideas relating to this sort of event just give me a yell. I'm always looking for new ideas, and fresh hands for the social team.

Toasting you all right now,
Jesse Hall

ChandraAcademic Officer - Chandra Annabattula

Hey guys…I'm Chandra, 20 yrs old and the academic officer/ representative... I also reply to “chuddley” – a nickname. Academic rep is an awesome job, not just grovel and grind in front of the academia, but also being able to organize and take a key role in other medsoc ventures. Being part of the first cohort of UWS med students, has made me realise that this is the best opportunity to make ourselves heard! Make sure our medschool is the best in Australia - that is what drives me to attend medsoc meetings once a week on cold wintery nights…when your carpool has ditched you..because they can’t be bothered waiting a couple of hrs! I enjoy the challenge of converting the everyday whinings of students academic concerns into understandable meaning to the academics. It definitely is a privilege to be heard by the academia. Its my job as the student academic officer to advocate key issues regarding the academic curriculum including structuring of lectures and delivery of content as well as assessment procedures. Based on ongoing student evaluation, and with the valuable input of our student reps on the various academic committee's, Medsoc has aimed to achieve resolution regarding all areas advocated on.

Furthur interests? Academic rep doesnt only mean tight collared shirts and board meetings..I also love to paarty!!! AMSA convention was a blast - a truly unbelievable experience. I love to meet new people and socialize and …Cricket of course – as all curries are, we love our cricket. If you’ve got any questions, concerns or just want to say Hi, then come and talk to me.


ArjunSponsorship Officer: Arjun Chandran 

Hey Guys, I'm Arjun and I am the UWS Medical Society's Sponsorship Officer for 2008/2009. When not trying to talk sponsors into giving this worthy society money, I like long walks on the beach and watching chick flicks 24/7, interested ladies?? But no in all seriousness I'm having a great time being sponsorship officer for the UWSMS and especially love introducing this brand new medial school of ours to the corporate world.

I graduated from Sydney Grammar School in 06 so if anyone wants to chat about how much better SGS is than any other school feel free to drop me a line. If you want to contest this last point contact Chandra above and he would be delighted to answer your concerns. It is my job to provide potential sponsors with an avenue in which to help their local community and what better way than to support an organisation that is designed to represent the loyal, hardworking and intelligent future of the medical workforce.

This Medical school was founded on the need to address the shortage of doctors in the Greater Western Sydney Region and supporting this medical society is one outstanding way that local buisnesses can help to solve this pertinent issue in today's society.

Peace out


ZenithCommunity/Charity: Zenith Lal

My name is Zenith Lal (Year 2) and I am the UWS Medical Society's Community and Charity Officer. I'm 20 years old and am absolutely loving benig part of the brand-spanking new medical school that is UWS! After doing a year of a Medical Science degree at the University of Sydney, I somehow have ended up here at UWS and have not looked back since, as we urinate into cups and learn how to catheterise fake penises!

As future medical professionals, helping those in need is integral to our purpose and the role of the Community & Charity officer is to ensure that opportunities are provided to students in helping and organizing Health-related charity fundraises - whether they be for local or global health issues. On the community side of things, my job has entailed exploring opportunities in which UWS Medical Society members can engage with local health organizations & support groups in the name of giving back to the Greater Western Sydney Community whom have truly embraced the new Medical School of Western Sydney.

Whilst we have achieved a great deal so far, the years to come are promising to be even more prosperous and
exciting as we continue to develop community and charity relationships and consolidate community projects & Global health groups for future generations of the UWS
School of Medicine to enjoy.

If you have any questions or queires for myself, or perhaps wish to find out more please do not hesitate ot contact me via VUWS MBBS Course Hub email.
Zenith Lal

ManikSports: Manik Mayadunne

You know those unbelievably hot black-white-and-pink UWS Meds T-shirts? One day you can tell your grandchildren that you knew the man behind them. And that man would be me. 

I’m 20 years old and in my 2nd year of medicine, having finished high school in 2006. In my spare time I play music with one of the coolest bands on the live music scene (Room 6; you should check them out), compete in various sports, and hang with my homies.

I’m loving being part of this new generation of excited, enthusiastic, absolutely electric medical students at UWS. It’s not every day that you are handed a rule book full of blank pages; and yet that is exactly what sits before us. Being the first two batches of medical students at UWS, we have the privilege of defining ourselves as a medical school, as well as paving the way for many more generations of UWS medical students to come. My role in this vision is to make sure we set the example and keep ourselves active – as difficult as this may be between our many hours of self-directed learning – through the organization of sporting events such as MSC Sports Day and MUWS sports nights for you, the UWS med students. If you have any questions or ideas regarding sports, please don’t hesitate to come speak to me. I won’t bite… much.
Manik Mayadunne

First Year Rep: Jeremy Varuna Rajadurai

SeanAMSA Representative- Sean Williams

 My email: srmwilliams@hotmail.com isn't a silly pun on R.M.Williams clothes, I'm a city-boy born and bread. It stands for Sean Robert March Williams. March is my Mum's last name, my parents liked the name Robert, plus Bob's my uncle. Actually.

I'm 22. Between finishing school and starting med I spent one year in Germany as a Rotary Exchange student where I learnt to open non-twist beer bottles with more objects than MacGyver stored in him mullet. I now also speak Deutsch and can confirm that "San Diego" is not German for whale's vagina. It's "Walscheide". I then spent 2 years at USyd dabbling in a variety of areas from Art History to Spanish to Anatomy/Histology in a (very) Liberal Studies degree.

I've lived at the student residences on Campus since second semester last year and currently receive free rent for being the official Party Liaison, *cough*, I mean, Resident's Assistant. I love being busy and throwing myself into anything and everything. With such a vibrant young med-school and endless opportunity to forge a lasting culture, I wouldn't be caught doing med anywhere else in Australia. Come and say hi to me in the corridors, chat to me about all things AMSA - I love it!