WSMS President 2017

Christine Byrnes

AKA: Chrissie, Pilot Doctorrr

What I love about WSMS:

WSMS is driven by students. It has been growing every year thanks to the daily efforts of students, and our relationship with the School of Medicine staff. WSMS contributes so much to the experience of studying at Western Sydney Uni, from academic advocacy which improves the course to a plethora of extracurricular and social events, merchandise and wellbeing activities.

Yet despite all this, it is a society that remains inherently accessible to students and operates every day with their best interests at the forefront, producing tangible results in response to students’ needs.

Goals for 2017:

The 10th Anniversary of the medical school is a major focus for us this year. It provides us with an opportunity to celebrate everything the school, students and WSMS have achieved, and move forward with the next decade. As part of this, we’ll be working to make a special magazine, featuring stories about students, staff and alumni and their roles in growing our medical school to the point it’s at today. The 10-year milestone also heralds an opportunity to craft our approach towards the challenges that will continue to face medical students in a dynamic and rapidly-advancing world of medical education.

I hope to focus on fostering a strong culture of wellbeing whilst ensuring all the well-known and loved arms of MedSoc continue to thrive in 2017.

Interesting fact: Might as well admit it. At the age of 11, I was on Australia’s Brainiest Kid with Sandra Sully.  My peers recently discovered a clip of the episode, and the roasting has continued ever since. 



Vice President External

Megan Foo

Grade: Iota (3)

Nickname: Megs

What I love about WSMS:

I love knowing that the initiatives that we work on help and support my peers! WSMS exists to represent us, advocate on our behalf and improve our medical student life. I’m so excited to be working with such a talented, dedicated, intelligent and truly passionate group of people in the coming year – we have been bursting with great ideas and I can’t wait for us to bring them to everyone. So much love for our WSMS family <3

Goals for 2017:

I’m passionate about our medsoc and I believe in what it does for all of us. Having spent the past two years learning about how our medsoc works internally, I would like to look outside to help us become even better. I hope to improve on our strong foundations, particularly in terms of student involvement in advocacy and representation. We have achieved so much in ten years, and I can’t wait to help us reach greater heights. My vision includes:

  • Effective liaising with other medical societies to learn from their experiences and share our own
  • Strong WSU representation at NSWMSC and AMSA, advocating for all of us
  • Consistent social media presence so all members are well informed about opportunities
  • Efficient communication with our associated groups (GPSN and RHUWS)
  • Increased coordination of advocacy awareness and student involvement for better representation, working closely with the AMSA Reps and ThinkTanks

Interesting Fact: I aspire to sneaky shower and sleepover in the med building one day.


Vice President Internal

Eka Cox

Grade: Iota (3)

Nickname: Ek, Eks, Begeena

What I love about WSMS: The opportunities to make medical students’ lives even just that little bit more fun, brighter and rewarding! As a student, I’ve loved attending the workshops, skills nights, fundraising and social nights organised (and usually subsidised) by WSMS. As part of Medsoc, I’ve loved seeing meddies thrive in these events and explore aspects of medical student life other than study. I also love the culture of helping one another, and the feeling that you’re not alone. The WSMS love is real and it is the most colourful family you will ever be a part of!

Goals for 2017: To give the people what they want. From killer merch to amazing SIGs events to lending an ear (or two) when someone is having just a really, really bad day/s. I’m a firm believer that the best products come from collaboration. I want WSMS to be transparent with the wider student body and be a genuine voice for the students. I also want to continue working with the amazing Anu and the Wellbeing Committee (both staff and students) to strengthen current and create new support networks within and beyond WSMS.

Interesting fact: After I came runner up to Nikki Webster to perform in the Sydney 2000 Olympics I joined a marching band and performed at the Beijing 2008 Olympics instead.  



Social Director

Vedant Dave



Academic Director

Melinda Lam

Grade: Theta (4)

Nickname: Mel, Lam Bam

What I love about WSMS

Having been part of WSMS in the past two years, I feel the most rewarding part of my roles have been feeling the support of our WSMS family and the student community as we push to have our issues recognized. It’s helped bring me out of my shell and I’m so proud to be part of an initiative that’s for the students, by the students.


Goals for 2017: this year I’m looking forward to continuing Christine’s fantastic progress with student advocacy by:

  • Strengthening our relationship with the school of Medicine and continuing to have your concerns heard by liaising with the relevant academic staff.
  • Continuing to add to the resource hub
  • Providing a guide to transitioning to Clinical years for upcoming year 3 students and how to study for barriers for year 5, written by your year reps
  • Being a point a contact for student support and hearing your concerns – academic or other.

Interesting fact: On my first day on the ward, my SRMO asked me to draw blood from a cannula – which I did – with a needle. Preclin kids– may you learn from my mistakes (and no, you are not meant to do that; your patient will smack you). 




Charmaine D'Souza

Year: Kappa (2)

Nickname: Charma, Charma Llama, Charmy, Maine, Mainey, Charmander

What I love about WSMS: 

Firstly what I love is that we area run by students, for students. We may be a small group but we immensely passionate about making WSU Medicine the best it can be for our meddies with regards to our academic curriculum, social events and everything in between. 

I also love how we really are one happy, crazy, inclusive and loving family. Everyone is treated as an individual and valued for the unique qualities they bring to the organisation. 

Following on from this, I am so grateful that WSMS has helped me meet so many friends across different year groups! I had many amazing times in my first year in WSMS with these wonderful people.

Goals for 2017:

I’d like to get more of our student body involved in WSMS. While we already do lots of great things for lots of our students, there’s room to reach out even further to our student body.

Interesting Fact about me:

For many years when I was younger, I was obsessed with horses. And I mean OBSESSED! I used to ride, had seen every episode of the original Saddle Club multiple times and would ask Santa for a pony every year. His failure to grant my Christmas wish is the reason I don’t believe in him any more L




Ben Griffiths

Grade: Etas (5)

Nickname: Benny Boy, most possible combos of Ben + Gee, The Don (not yet but let's get it going this year yeah)

What I love about WSMS:

It brings together this fantastic community of med students from all years so you can connect with new people, be open to so many more opportunities, provide support as you need (coughfreefoodcough) and make the whole degree a big whopping ball of fun. Whether your game is studying hard or good wholesome fun, WSMS will provide.

Goals for 2017:

-Make sure WSMS actually has funds to spend

-Keep a clear and efficient system for provision of funds to members and interest groups

-Open channels for easy communication and advice -$$$

Interesting fact about me: I met Prince William once and he shook my hand and said thank you, that's how good my handshakes are.

AMSA Representative

Jess Yang


Grade: Iota (3)

Nicknames: Jess, Stop Talking About AMSA

What I love about WSMS: Opportunities for everyone at any year level, of any interest :)

Goals for 2017: Get more people at Council and have our biggest delegations ever to Convention, GHC and AMSA's other events.

Interesting fact about me: I can selectively wiggle one ear at a time.

Sponsorship Officers

Nicolas Ramly 

Eklavya Wangoo


Publications Officer

Alice Shen


IT Officer

Anqi Teng

Grade: Iota (3)

Nickname: April, Stanky-Anqi, Spanqi

What I love about WSMS:

WSMS is really what helps us stay connected, especially as we move onto older years. Everyone’s loveliness and warmth is what makes us great! Oh, and we all crack eggcellent jokes (cue laughter).

Goals for 2017:

Goal towards the society is to make sure you don’t even know I exist because everything IT runs so smoothly. Personal goal is to find the most attractive way to style a stethoscope ;)

Blacktown Clinical School Representative

Kabytto Chen


Macarthur Clinical School Representative 

Ahmed Almafragy