WSMS Exec 2018

megan 2018

WSMS President 2018

Megan Foo

Grade: Iota, 4th Year

AKA: Megs

Interesting Fact:

I aspire to sneaky shower and sleepover in the med building one day. 

What I love about WSMS:

I love knowing that the initiatives that we work on help and support my peers! WSMS exists to represent us, advocate on our behalf and improve our medical student life. I’m so excited to be working with such a talented, dedicated, intelligent and truly passionate group of people in the coming year – we have been bursting with great ideas and I can’t wait for us to bring them to everyone. So much love for our WSMS family



pragya 2018

Vice President External

Pragya Goswami

Grade: Iota, 4th Year

Nickname: Prags

Interesting Fact: 

I fainted when my year 9 Science teacher verbally explained the process of giving birth

What I love about WSMS:

What I love most about WSMS is the students themselves. We span across 5-year groups, and together create one of the most warm, welcoming and tightly knit student community’s. Our student body forms such an integral part of the experience of being a medical student as we go through our journey together (and eventually become co-workers together!). The people and culture of WSMS ensures that we develop both as students, peers and friends during this intense period in our lives. In addition to this, we have our student-run events that span throughout the year, created with the aim of supporting our necessities in academia, sporting and social events. We also connect students with staff to ensure that our medical school is continuously adapting, changing and improving. <3



vedant 2018

Vice President Internal

Vedant Dave

Grade: Iota, 4th year

Nickname: Vedank, Vedo

Interesting fact: Believe it or not, I’m actually single!

What I love about WSMS: I love that the whole society is such a close-knit group of people, even between the cohorts. You’re going to develop some really special friendships over the next five or so years, and meet people who you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Over the last three years, WSMS has been integral in showing me how much more there is to uni than just studying.

My role this year will be to help our incredible Special Interest Groups put on some hectic events for you to enjoy, from Auction Nights to Careers Nights for our budding physicians and surgeons, there will be something for everyone! I will also be working with the Wellbeing Committee to cement the foundations that Anu and her team have developed in the past, continuing and consolidating the support networks within WSMS, with the School of Medicine, and with external organisations. Finally, I’ll be organising some hectic merch for you and make you look damn fine.

Your clothes can tell everyone you do med so you don’t have to!

In the end, WSMS gives you the most exciting experiences, and some of my best memories so far have come from all the time I’ve spent with my friends, both on campus and also at all the parties, and I am really looking forward to meeting you all. Hopefully I can help you have an amazing time in 2018. It doesn’t matter if you don’t drink, it doesn’t matter if you don’t dance, hit me up, I’ll be there, and we’re gonna have an absolute blast.


sophie 2018


Sophie Keen

Grade: Lambda, 2nd year

Nickname: Keen, skeen, so keen, too keen, treat em mean

Interesting fact: I was part of the world's largest human whale and have been rejected by Maccas employment 8 times. That's Guinness World Records right there. 

What I love about WSMS

WSMS is the most vibrant, passionate and driven community. There are so many opportunities and events from workshops and careers nights, to free food and a jam-packed social calendar. Getting involved and meeting new people is so easy and you realise there is a network of 630 or so med students here to support you.



Eka 2018


Eka Cox

Grade: Iota, 4th year

Nickname: Eka, B-BOT, MileyCyrus#1Fan

Interesting fact: My parents made up my name and my brother got the unique, eccentric name of Benjamin.

What I love about WSMS

I love the people, the events and the opportunities to immerse yourself in areas of medicine that stray from the traditional academic pathway. Don't get me wrong, academic are important (stay in school kids), but remember that you only Medschool once - so make the most of it!


Anu 2018

Academic Director

Anu Ganapathy

Year: Theta, 5th year

Nickname: Noobster, Nubby, Nunu

Interesting Fact:

I have gotten into more embarrassing situations than one can imagine.

What I love about WSMS: 

What I love about WSMS is the amazing people, teachers and environment! It's such a close-knit and wonderful community to be a part of, and I can't think of a more supportive place to be in. I am grateful for the warmth and kindness I have been shown, across all years, who have made medicine and student life at Western Sydney extremely memorable. The staff are extremely receptive to working with students, which creates a holistic environment that is constantly improving to take WSMS to infinity and beyond! 

jess s 2018

Social Director

Jess Stocker

Grade: Kappa, 3rd year

Nickname: Granny Jess

Interesting fact: I've managed to hide my tattoo from my mother for a grand total of 3 weeks now and it's my proudest achievement yet

What I love about WSMS:

I love the sense of collegiality amongst students that bridges year groups, and all kinds of other barrier that Medsoc facilitates. We are such a diverse bunch of noodles and it's lovely that we have a platform to all come together and collectively cry/party our way through med school.

AMSA Representative

Jack Ashley


Grade: Iota, 4th year

Nicknames: Jashley

What I love about WSMS: Free food is pretty sweet, who doesn't love free food?

Sponsorship Officers

Matt Bojanic

Grade: Kappa, 3rd Year

What I love about WSMS:

The passion and enthusiasm our members have not only for Medsoc, but Medicine in Western Sydney in general - somethign which is great to see from such a young organisation. 

Swathi Sridharan


Grade: Kappa, 3rd Year

What I love about WSMS:

Our med school's made up of really diverse, interesting and pretty fun people, with a ridiculously wide range of different experiences. Medsoc and medsoc events give you a chance to meet more of them.


Publications Officer

Saira Gugnani

Grade: Kappa, 3rd Year

What I love about WSMS:

The nurturing environment, the countless opportunities, the exciting events, the focus on the various facets of student life and most importantly, the people <3  


IT Officer

Sarah Rusnak

Grade: Iota, 4th year

Nickname: Sazzdog McGee, Bosco, YerAWizardSarry

What I love about WSMS:

Seriously the most fantastic, interesting group of people you'll ever meet. Plus they let me be IT officer. Me. Pretty cool. 


Blacktown Clinical School Representative

Aziz Alsaraf


Macarthur Clinical School Representative 

Tom Hart