About mOSCEs

Mock OSCE's, or 'mOSCEs' are evenings featuring practice OSCE exams, with student volunteers acting as patients and examiners. One or more evenings are run per year group - targeted at the learning objectives and expected level of knowledge for the year. 

When: Please refer to the calendar for mOSCE dates for each year group.


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd year mOSCEs: School of Medicine Building 30, Western Sydney University Campbelltown Campus.
  • 5th year mOSCEs: Blacktown Clinical School, Blacktown Hospital; Liverpool Surgical Skills Centre, Liverpool Hospital.

Aims: mOSCEs aim to assist in preparing students for their OSCE examinations. They simulate an exam situation with various timed stations comprising a clinical vignette, a task to be completed such as history-taking, examination, clinical skill, communication, or charting/documentation, and an examiner and patient where appropriate. Immediate feedback is provided to students so as to help them identify areas for improvement and fine-tune their abilities. Following each mOSCE, relevant resources are transferred to the WSMS Resource Hub for future reference.   

Note: Year 5 mOSCEs require Doctors to act as examiners for the event to provide greatest benefit to students. Where the Academic Director is a Year 4 student or lower, the Year 5 Representatives are responsible for organising the mOSCEs for their cohort.

For any enquiries, please contact Christine Byrnes, your Academic Director 2016 at academic@wsms.org.au

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