Hop to it 1


Open positions:

Academic Subcomittee:

  • Assessment Committee
    • Preclinical Representative
  • Evaluations Committee
    • Preclinical Representative
    • Clinical Representative


Internal Council:

  • First Year Representative
  • Third Year Representative
  • Fourth Year Representative
  • Macarthur Clinical School Representative
  • GHAWS First Year Representative
  • WSCCS First Year Representative
  • WSSS First Year Representative
  • WSPS First Year Representative
  • WSPS Publications Officer
  • Alumni Foundation Chair
  • Alumni Foundation Publications Officer


Social Council:

  • Twilight Festival Convenor
  • Red Week Convenor
  • Med Revue Director and Producer
  • Disorientation Week Convenor


External Advocacy:

  • DEA Representative


How to apply:

  1. Realise you’re the awesomeness made for the job!
  2. Take a quick squizz at our rules regarding Elections (Part 4 of the WSMS Constitution here)
  3. Read through the position description regarding your and the questions you need to answer here!
  4. Contact the previous role holder (probably via Facebook) for insight into the role and what it entails:
  5. Complete the Nomination Form/Working Contract here with your details. Have any member of WSMS (aka WSU med student) second your nomination with their name and student ID.
  6. Open your email and send to secretary@wsms.org.au:
    1. your blurb/answers
    2. nomination form
    3. confirmation that you have contacted the previous role-holder
    4. photo of yourself for the online vote (attached separately please)
  7. Celebrate because you made the deadline - the 17th March 11:59pm! #goodluck