2018 First Year Rep and Junior AMSA Rep Elections


Voting has now opened for the March Election period.

First years are invited to vote for all FYR positions and Junior AMSA Rep.

Second years are invited to vote only for Junior AMSA Rep.


We wish all applicants the best of luck!


Vote here: https://uwsms.wufoo.eu/forms/mgloyim08a60vy/


2018 First Year Rep and Junior AMSA Rep Applications


Please note applications have now closed for the 2018 March Elections. Our next election period is held in September.


The time has come to elect your new First Year and Junior AMSA Reps! Being a Rep gives you the opportunity to get involved in WSMS by representing your peers, running events and helping make your cohort’s year of medicine one to remember! All information required is in this document, please read carefully before proceeding.

Available roles

-        2x WSMS First Year Rep

-        1x GHAWS First Year Rep

-        1x Western Sydney Surgical Society First Year Rep

-        1x Western Sydney Physicians Society First Year Rep

-        1x AMSA Junior Rep


To apply

  1. Be a current WSMS Member in 1st year or 2nd year for Junior AMSA Rep. All WSU medical students are automatically WSMS Members.
  2. Adhere to the Election Rules (Part 4 of the WSMS Constitution at https://goo.gl/6uGxGE).
  3. Read the position descriptions, then contact the 2017 Role Holder/s to discuss the role with them.
  4. Get writing:
    1. WSMS FYR: a 200 word blurb on why your peers should elect you
    2. SIG FYR and Junior AMSA Rep: answer the questions below
  5. Complete the Nomination Form/Working Contract (https://goo.gl/qScy2h) with your details. Have any member of WSMS second your nomination with their name and student ID.
  • The Nomination Form/Working Contract is a written agreement that all applicants are expected to enter into. It is a promise made by an applicant to the members of the Society that they will fulfill therequirements of their position as set out in the role description (this document) for their entire term. In the event these requirements are not met to their standards, or the standards set by the Executive Committee, the Council member will either voluntarily step down from their position or be removed by the Executive Committee. Election or appointment of a replacement will be conducted as per the Constitution.
  1. Email your blurb/answers, nomination form, confirmation that you have contacted the previous role-holder and a photo of yourself for the online vote to secretary@wsms.org.au. Please attach the photo separately.



Application submissions will be open from 7th March 20189pm 12th March 2018.

Voting will open through the WSMS Website (wsms.org.au) from the 14th March 201818th March 2018. The new Reps will be announced at the WSMS Annual General Meeting on 19th March 2018 at 6pm in Building 30.


Election process

Applications for the WSMS FYR and Junior AMSA Rep positions will be placed directly into an online public vote. Applications for SIG FYR positions will be de-identified and sent to the relevant SIGs, where the Executives will select the three most suitable written applications. These three applications from each SIG will then proceed to the online public vote.


Previous role holders

-        WSMS FYR: Sheree Nguyen-Hoang, Jack Mowbray

-        GHAWS: Kevin Chan

-        WSSS: Praween Senanayake

-        WSPS: Michael Denniss

-        Junior AMSA Rep: Thu Le


If you have any questions, please contact IT@wsms.org.au for IT issues, secretary@wsms.org.au for application issues, or president@wsms.org.au for any other enquiries. Role descriptions and SIG questions can be viewed below.

WSMS First Year Representative

WSMS FYRs should:

  • Promote WSMS events and opportunities to their year.
  • Ensure their year is represented in decision making in the Medical Society.
  • Correspond between their year and Medical Society Executive body.
  • Be a contact point for their year concerns to WSMS and the SoM.
  • Represent and support their year until the new year representatives are elected in the following year
  • Coordinate and develop events for their year
  • Liaise with other members of council for events pertaining to their year
  • Keep the year updated on pertinent MedSoc Events through weekly pinned posts on Facebook Group
  • Convene MedCamp for the incoming First Years

How to apply

  1. Your application should outline what you would bring to the role, and why your peers should elect you. (Max 200 words)

GHAWS First Year Representative

GHAWS is searching for an enthusiastic and passionate first year representative, who will be able to:

  • Actively be a part of the growth of GHAWS by contributing their vision and their interest in global health
  • Assist in the creation, coordination, promotion, and logistics of GHAWS events and initiatives on the whole
  • Work with each member of the GHAWS executive to tailor events or subcomponents of events specifically to the first year cohort, bringing a fresh and unique perspective to the GHAWS program
  • Work with other First Year Reps to help co-coordinate the SIG Trivia Night
  • Showcase exemplary teamwork skills by cooperating and working efficiently the GHAWS executive
  • Remain organised, diligent and committed to their role, and
  • Take initiative to develop their role and themselves within their role to their greatest potential through

Over the course of the role, you’ll be involved in each of GHAWS’ major events: Auction Night, Birthing Kit Assembly, Short Course, Community Events, Bake Sale and the Overseas Trip. While you’ll be our main liaison with the current first years, and will be primarily responsible for their engagement, we also hope that you get something out of the role, too. During your time as First Year Rep, we want to you challenge yourself to learn more about global health, use the position to help upskill yourself, and maybe each teach us (the GHAWS Exec) a thing or two along the way. A journey in Global Health is one with many destinations, but First Year Rep is a great place to start.

How to apply

  1. What would you like to see from GHAWS in 2018? How would you contribute to making that vision a reality? You may address current or potential projects. (Max 150 words)
  2. It’s 3 weeks out and you’ve just found out that only 10 first year students are attending the GHAWS Auction Night. How would you motivate more students of your cohort to attend and participate in the event? (Max 150 words)

WSSS First Year Representative

The Western Sydney Surgical Society is looking for our 1st year rep for 2018!

Your responsibilities would include:

  • To act as a bridge between WSSS and the Western Sydney Medicine 1st year cohort
  • To organise WSSS activities for O-week and Medcamp (of the following year)
  • To aid the WSSS Executive in their roles when required

How to apply

  1. What do you hope to gain from being part of the SurgSoc team? (Max 150 words)
  2. What qualities would you bring to the SurgSoc team? (Max 150 words)

WSPS First Year Representative

Physicians society is looking for an enthusiastic, hardworking and reliable first year to join our Executive! This 12-month position is a great opportunity to work with us in bringing new events and resources to first and second years. If you are passionate about a career as a physician, pediatrician or dermatologist, and have the initiative to help us build this society, we encourage you to apply!

Your responsibilities would include:

  • A key role in selling the activities and events of WSPS to pre-clinical students (1st and 2nd years)
  • Providing feedback from pre-clinical years about how WSPS can better serve them
  • Attending all Executive meetings
  • Assisting with all stages of creation, organisation and running of events where required

How to apply

  1. What makes you the ideal first year representative for WSPS? Detail any qualities and/or past experience you would bring to the team. (Max 100 words)
  2. What do you want to achieve this year as part of the team? (Max 100 words)
  3. Physicians panel is approaching in 2 weeks, and only a couple of first years are interested in coming. How would you motivate them? (Max 100 words)

Junior AMSA Representative

Western Sydney University’s Junior AMSA Representative will assist the AMSA Representative in their administrative and political capacity.


  • Be in Years 1 or 2
  • Works with the AMSA Rep to fulfil tasks set by the AMSA Executive under the guidance of the Vice President External, especially pertaining to the Rural Health, Academy and Medical Education committees.
  • Is encouraged to attend AMSA Council 3 times a year to assist in representing the Western Sydney Medical Society to contribute to discussion.
  • Will be the proxy for the AMSA Rep at AMSA Council in the event that the VPe is not able to attend in the AMSA Rep’s place.
  • Absorbs the role of Vampire Cup Representative at Western Sydney and will head the organisation and promotion of the National Blood Donation Drive.
  • Assists the AMSA Rep in National Convention duties including leading the delegation, organising merchandise and floorsweeps.
  • Assists the AMSA Rep in organising ThinkTanks, distributing merchandise and publications and promoting AMSA’s events, projects and committees.

How to apply

  1. Maximum 300 word personal statement on why you think you are fit for the role
  2. Maximum 300 word response to the following question: Vampire Cup is AMSA’s National Blood Drive which runs for several months every year. Medsocs are ranked by the percentage of their med cohort who have donated blood during this period. Western Sydney University (and many NSW universities) has often placed towards the back of the pack due to various reasons (e.g. low engagement, difficulty in sourcing blood donation trucks). How can we improve our results this year?