ICM Mentoring is a WSMS Academic Program targeting preclinical students, to supplement the Introduction to Clinical Medicine component of their units, through tutorials run by clinical students.

When: Various dates and times as based on individual mentor and student group arrangements.

Where: Macarthur Clinical School, Blacktown Clinical School and the attached Campbelltown and Blacktown Hospitals respectively.

Aims: ICM tutorials introduce preclinical students to history taking and physical examinations in the hospital setting. These tutorials are held once a week throughout first and second year, taught by doctors working at the hospital and teaching at the SoM. ICM mentoring supplements these tutorials by giving the students further opportunity to practice histories and examinations with clinical students supervising and providing constructive feedback. This aims to further develop the skills of preclinical students to better prepare them for entering the clinical setting.


Blacktown ICM Mentoring Coordinators: Ashley Creighton and Maddie Southey.

Macarthur ICM Mentoring Coordinator: Dominic Ng. 

Please contact the relevant Coordinators at your clinical school to sign up as a Mentor.

For any enquiries, please contact Christine Byrnes, your Academic Director 2016 at academic@wsms.org.au