Global Health Awareness Western Sydney (GHAWS) is the community and global branch of UWSMS, a member of the AMSA Global Health (AGH) Committee, and a representative of the UWS medical student body through which students may engage in humanitarian and volunteer work. 

Mission Statement 
To utilise our position as medical students and future health practitioners, to advocate and campaign for the improvement of access, opportunities, egalitarianism and education surrounding healthcare at a global and community level – this is achieved by a raising of awareness and funds, and development and implementation of projects surrounding this goal.

Our Objectives

  • To carry out our goals of creating greater access, opportunities and quality of all facets of healthcare through the dual approach at a global and community level (focused particularly at the Western Sydney locale)
  • Whilst raising funds in the charity sense of our capacity, always collaborate said goal, with a larger focus aimed at awareness, advocacy and informing both the medical student cohort and a relevant wider audience on the particular health issue surrounding said fundraising
  • To raise awareness and advocate for the UN 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s)
  • To responsibly and adequately represent and voice the views of the UWSMS members as a Global Health Group, and convey said views to the wider AGH
  • To provide transparency in terms of goals and activities to UWSMS and the UWS medical student cohort. 


  • 2007: UWS School of Medicine established.
  • 2009: Global Health Awareness Western Sydney established.
  • 2009: 400 Birthing Kits were assembled.
  • 2010: Mentoring program established.
  • 2011: Partnership with Autism Advisory and Support Service. GHAWS won the People's Choice Award for Best Global Health Project in Australia in AGH's "Project Pool".
  • 2012: $7200 was raised in the Annual Auction Night and 1200 Birthing Kits were made.
  • 2012: Established a Terms of Reference Document to operate within UWS Medical Society Constitution. GHAWS is the 2012 recipient of the Building Inclusive Communities Award (Youth Division). 

If you are a member of WSMS (which all UWS medical student are), you are automatically a member of GHAWS. As a branch of WSMS, we communicate closely with the WSMS Executive, and have an Executive member who also sits on the UWSMS Executive (Community/ Global Officer). 

GHAWS and AGH (AMSA Global Health)
GHAWS is also one of many Global Health Groups (GHGs) that operate at medical schools all over the country; these GHGs are connected by a wider organisation known as AMSA Global Health. The AMSA Global Health Committee (AGH) is a collaboration of Australian Global Health Groups (GHGs) based at medical schools across Australia. Global health groups are medical student-led organisations who work to create grassroots awareness and activism in the interests of global health, welfare and equity on local, national and international levels. 
The AGH brings GHGs together with three principal purposes:

  1. To facilitate communication, collaboration and unity between GHGs in their grassroots endeavours.
  2. To connect GHGs with other external organisations and groups which share common interests in global health.
  3. To channel the collective inspiration and enthusiasm of GHGs, creating a concerted impact on issues of global inequity and healthcare via the AGH National Projects and Advocacy campaigns. 

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