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In 2017, AMSA has a number of opporutnities available and accessible to New South Wales State. 

AMSA Council 2 will be held in Sydney prior to Convention. Keep an eye out for times to get involved and see how AMSA runs, and a glimpse of all the students involved in AMSA behind the scenes. No experience is necessary - the Council sessions are intended to be a window into how to get involved with AMSA. 

AMSA's Global Health Conference is also being held in Adelaide this year. Adelaide is a proven quality venue having been the location for the 2014 Convention. With an amazing academic program and a secret spin on socials yet to be revealed this GHC is set to be amazing in more ways than one. 

Want to get involved?

Go to AMSA events, read up on the latest advocacy, and let the world know what AMSA is about. For example, Facebook and Twitter became fantastic advocacy mediums for Internships at the end of 2012 with many medical students raising awareness through simple status updates.

Get Involved:

  • Join your Local Think Tank!
  • Go to AMSA Events - AMSA Convention, AMSA Global Health Conference, National Leadership Development Seminar and more!
  • Check out the AMSA website for more opportunities to join AMSA's various projects and initiatives - 

Excited to hear and see you around at AMSA events in 2017!

For any enquiries, please contact Jess Yang, your AMSA Representative for 2017, at