Management Committees

The Management Committees are year orientated review committees that act as a medium for all students to red flag issues within the curriculum or program for the respective year cohort. Two student representative from each year sit on the relevant committee and meet monthly to target issues such as:

  • Forward planning for the next calendar year
  • Red flag issues in the curriculum or policies and procedures 
  • Identifying short comings in the delivery of the MBBS program and identifying methods of improving these flaws 

Stay tuned for more information in 2017!


Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee acts as a medium for students to feedback information regarding both the delivery and content assessed by the MBBS program. The assessment committee acts to ensure that standard setting is implemented correctly and that content assessed is being executed in a manner that both facilitates learning and evaluates students accurately.

Stay tuned for more information in 2017!


Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee has two student representatives and acts to oversee and coordinate a program of evaluation for the MBBS and related courses. The Committee acts to:

a. Review of evaluation data collected across the School of Medicine (SoM) related to teaching and learning.
b. Review of reports and submissions from course co-ordinators, teachers and students on evaluation activities.
c. Review and endorsement of new evaluation activities to ensure the efficient collection of useful data.
d. Monitoring and coordination of evaluation and research activities requiring participation from students in MBBS and related courses, to ensure that requests for participation are reasonable and spread throughout the calendar year and different cohorts.

Other roles include:

  • To advise about strategies to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the SoM, co-opting other parties where necessary.
  • To regularly disseminate evaluation reports and information about actions taken to improve teaching and learning to students and staff.
  • To commission evaluations of course outcomes, student satisfaction, teaching and learning.
  • To liaise and develop co-operative approaches with the Office of Strategy and Quality.
  • To monitor national and international developments in medical education to allow benchmarking and best practice evaluation of the UWS medical program.

Stay tuned for more information in 2017!