The Western Sydney Medical Society (WSMS, or more simply, MedSoc) is a member-run and member-oriented, not for profit, apolitical, secular incorporated entity that represents all Western Sydney University medical students.

What does that mean?

  • Member run: All WSMS Executive and Council members are Western Sydney medical students.
  • Member-oriented: We are run by Western Sydney medical students for Western Sydney medical students. We seek always to provide fun events, educational events (although they’re not always mutually exclusive!) and ongoing benefits, such as the Membership Benefits Scheme to our members.
  • Not for profit: Any profit made from our events is returned directly to services for our members.
  • Apolitical: We do not have a stance on any political issues that do not directly affect medical students, and unlike many societies and student unions we do not entertain partisan politics or specifically serve special interests.
  • Secular: We represent and provide benefits to all of our students, regardless of your religious or cultural background.
  • Incorporated: We are registered as an independent legal entity with the Department of Fair Trading, are insured and follow our own constitution. The MedSoc Executive and Representatives are elected from the Western Sydney medical student body by their fellow students according to rules outlined in the Constitution.

We have a close relationship with the Western Sydney School of Medicine (SoM), which is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding. We work together with the SoM on things such as planning issues, seeking volunteers and filling committee positions. We also enjoy some financial benefits from them and the use of numerous facilities, including a dedicated MedSoc storage room. The SoM and our fantastic sponsors allow us to bring the below schemes and events to you heavily subsidised.

MedSoc aims to provide Western Sydney medical students with events, initiatives, benefits and representation to improve the Western Sydney medical student life. MedSoc can be thought of as a vehicle that streamlines representation, events and services for Western Sydney medical students. Being run by members means that our best interests are your best interests, and that we work to continually improve the services we provide. Representing all Western Sydney medical students means we can attract sponsorship dollars and receive protection afforded to companies. We organise a variety of events throughout the year spanning both academic and social arenas, including Medcamp, Twilight Concert, Electives Night, Careers Night, Blue Party, Red Party, Sports Night, the Debating Series and more. We also aim to maintain links with Western Sydney Medical graduates through our Alumni Association.

WSMS also encompasses a number of interest groups including Global Health Awareness Western Sydney (GHAWS - our local global health group), the Surgical Association Western Sydney (SAWS - for students wishing to pursue surgical interests) and our newly introduced Western Sydney Physicians Society (WSPS - for students with a passion for physician interests). We also represent Western Sydney Medical students' views internally to the SoM via elected student representatives on issues related to wellbeing, academia, education and more, and externally on a state level at the New South Wales Medical Students' Council (NSWMSC) and on a national level via the Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA).

In 2017, MedSoc is excited to bring you a year to remember. With an established working med-soc structure, an amazing event-filled Calendar Year, and an excited Executive and Council team, we can't wait to bring you social nights you'll never forget, academic programs and initiatives to upskill and inspire, and student-representation and advocacy for you on a local, state and national level.

Have fun exploring our website!

Much love,

your MedSoc 2017.