WSMS is electing the following remaining positions for 2018!

-        Red Week Coordinator

-        Fifth Year Representatives (4th Year Only)

-        Gradweek Convener/s (4th Year Only)

-        Gradbook Coordinator/s (4th Year Only)

-        Halfway Dinner Convener/s (2nd Year Only)

-        Western Sydney Physician’s Society President

-        Macarthur Clinical Skills Coordinator


OCTOBER 30 to NOVEMBER 14 - Submit an application (checklist below) to
NOVEMBER 17 - Voting opens 
NOVEMBER 24 – Voting closes

Check out the WSMS Constitution – PART 4 for the answers to all your questions!

  • Want to know what each position involves? Part 4.
  • Want to know what to put in your application? Part 4.
  • Want to know if you’ll get to meet Deng Adut at some point? Maybe. But also Read Part 4.
  • Want to know how many giant pandas there are in the WSMS storeroom? Part 4.
  • Want to know how many positions you can run for? Part 4.
  • Want to know when the results are released? Part 4.

Read. Part. 4. Then dive in and see what adventures await you in 2018!

Good luck, and we hope to see everyone logging in and voting at the end of November.
Please contact the returning officers by email at if you have any questions!

What Roles are Available?
WSMS Council Role Descriptions are found in the WSMS Full Council Terms of Reference 
PhysSoc Executive Detailed Role Descriptions are found here

Nomination Application Checklist.

1. Nomination form 
2. Evidence of discussion with the person who currently holds this role (screenshot of FB convo or email is enough)
3. High definition photo to be used on website
4. Blurb which addresses application criteria. This will appear on the website. If there are no stated application criteria, simply describe your vision for the role and why you believe you are suitable!

Note: Word count for blurb:
<400 for all positions